Bicycle Lights and Reflectors / Litecco Twinfire LED taillights with brake light black

Litecco Twinfire LED taillights with brake light black


TWINFIRE, the bicycle tail light with brake light function.

Intelligent sensor technology detects any relevant temperature peaks and lets the ultra-bright TwinFire light signal illuminate. The luminosity increases by a multiple. The perception and safety of road traffic is significantly increased. State-of-the-art electronics and high-quality advanced power LEDs make this bicycle tail light together with the replaceable lithium polymer battery a reliable, durable and environmentally friendly product.


  • Brake light function Luminous signal
  • 360 ° radiation angle
  • Up to 3,000 m visibility
  • Lithium polymer battery
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Backlights Type: 1 LED | Lighting: 720 min
Power source Battery / Battery
power supply Batteries included: Yes yes | Charger included: yes
holder Bracket included available: yes | Assembly tool — free: 1
StVZO With StVZO approval
execution Lamp red
delivery Lamp incl. Holder and charging cable
Weight (g) 38 g
Model year 2016

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