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LLobe City II test

LLobe City II E-Bike Test

General information of LLobe City II test ‘s

The LLobe City II E Bike Folding Bike of manufacturer LLobe is used in road transport as an ordinary bike and as City E- bike. This E bike can be left on the bike paths and requires neither a certificate nor a licensing or tax liability or a driver’s license. When driving, use the driver is not subject to wear helmets. In appearance it is LLobe City 2 E Folding compact, solid and futuristic .
After our E Bike Test be at 2 pedelec LLobe City processed quality materials perfectly. The built-in features ensure best driving fun and pleasant driving experience. The Citybike is manufacturer Llobe prepared as women’s and men’s bicycle and is recommended for the age group of about 18 to about 35 years – but in the end is the course itself each leave what and when you drive.


llobe city 2 display

Llobe City II E Bike LCD Display

individual parts

Advantageously, the folding of LLobe city bikes , as the actual product dimensions of 150 x 55 x 105 cm to 87 x 65 x 32 cm reduced be. In the folded size of the foldable e bike is space saving compared to conventional bicycles.The foldable bicycle frame is made of aluminum and has a product weight of 21 kg on which to 140 kg as fed permeable total weight can be expanded.
Best experience and most comfortable ride reaches the bike in LLobe City II test its full suspension . Vibrations are absorbed and absorbs shocks. Overall, the weight distribution is considered to be beneficial and pleasant.
A brushless 250 watt rear hub motor and an integrated under 36 V lithium-ion battery provide the electric drive. The battery charging time is 6 hours for a power output of about 35 km range in normal operation. Fitted is LLobe City 2 E Bike Folding Bike with a 7 speed derailleur by Shimano .

7- speed derailleur Shimano

7- speed derailleur Shimano

To disc brakes are from Alumenium on the wheels. The LCD screen displays next to the charge status of the battery and the speed, the odometer and the power levels. The Velo Sport used saddle is anatomically padded, ergonomically adjustable and gentle on the back. In darkness and night drives which ensures lighting LED as front and rear light with parking light function for optimum safety and visibility. The collapsible pedals are non-slip and offer especially in humid weather and rain grip.The impact-resistant plastic of the two 20-inch wheels , in comparison to conventional bicycles to more structure and strength. Entry for accessories gehöhren bell and carrier with straps.
Overall, has LLobe City 2 folding bike , as in this pedelec test demonstrated a variety of great features in the area of security, stability and functionality on.


llobe city 2 folded

customer Support

As the results in LLobe City II test show that the technique is City E-bikemaintenance. Therefore, the support is rather underused. When folded can be this E bike safe and comfortable stowed in the trunk or in the motor home, and quickly to the next workshop, because a correct support does not exist. A carriage on public transport is just as easy. To avoid this, we recommend the Llobe definitely at Amazon
to order, as the company then takes care of the support. Otherwise you have to adjust to waiting times of up to 6 weeks! The built-in suspension, conserves particularly on uneven ground the back and joints the driver. This is again a very good sign for the longevity of the pedelec talks.
The loading process is user-friendly to the charging cable. For a City E Bike the coverage shall be deemed adequate to good. For the pedal support and regulation are 5 steps provided, which are more than adequate due to the intended use. With product accessories from the home LLobe allows the bike complete customization, customize and change. To the equipment also includes a non-mounted luggage rack. Repair works are usually carried out in a timely manner at the customer site, so that sending the E bikes deleted. However, as already mentioned only in order from Amazon


Simple, straightforward and functional is the description of the wheel in its optics closest. On frills the manufacturer has omitted. The lime in white lettering on green held matt black background emphasizes the futuristic style, the uniqueness of the pedelec.


Llobe City 2 - Suspension

Llobe City 2 – Suspension


With its powerful technology , which is geared to the everyday traffic, its simple futuristic design , the practical functionality and the combination of brand and no-name product parts convinces LLobe City II in the test with a fair to very good-price ratio . At any time the driver / rider who receives all important information clearly displayed on the LCD displayappears.


When LLobe City II test is a lot revolves around a viable everyday practicality on the road.For this purpose, the electric bike has been developed. This claim is manufacturer LLobe in all points more than justice. High-quality 7 speed Shimano gears , Li-ion battery with 36V / 7,8Ah , rear engine with 250W , LED display , good weight distribution , technical maintenance are some features with which the LLobe City 2 e bike makes life easier, safety features and driving experience and fun positively influenced. The LLobe City 2 pedelec speaks young beginners and young at heart e-bikers alike. The range can indeed something to be desiredbecause the pedelec is however not designed for long-range, but as a practical Citybike climbs the streets, one can trace the Entascheidung of Llobe to invest more in other parts of the pedelec.



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