Roof mounted bike carriers / Menabò 932,833 IRON bike rack in the practical test

Menabò 932,833 IRON bike rack in the practical test

Menabò 932,833 IRON bike rack in test

Menabo roof support base

Who a base support installed on his automobile, can henceforth spend diverse transported to their destination if the right accessory is attached. On base support, for example, boxes can be fixed, which offer additional storage space. Then, pieces of luggage, tools or sports equipment safely get to the destination. With a bicycle carrier which is attached to the base, to bikes can move over long distances. Ideal for holidays or excursions.

Such supports are of different companiesmanufactured that are located throughout Europe.From Italy the bike rack manufacturer Menabò which has existed for more than three decades, to come. The producer of automotive accessories manufactures different carrier systems . The extensive range of products that consumers can purchase at the time, also includes the Menabo 932,833 IRON bicycle carrier which is to be connect to numerous skeletons.

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Functional Overview

  • for upright transport of bicycles
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 2.7 kg
  • suitable for 1 bicycle

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  • simple and fast assembly
  • quality steel structure
  • easy disassembly
  • Noise below average
  • including security lock
  • very low cost
  • Base with other brands compatible


  • Screw dissolve with time

We have to check the carrier as part of a detailed examination. In numerous tests we saw evidence of the strengths and weaknesses, caused to the consumer through the use of optional carrier. Whether the product actually to safe transportation of a bicycle is, learn in this report . Here we disclose whether the purchase of the carrier pays, the less than 30 euros costs.

Delivery, packaging and commissioning

The 932 833 IRON bicycle carrier of Menabò is particularly favorable when he bought on the Internet is. Here omitted certain personnel costs which would otherwise be added to the price.

Therefore we bought our support, we tested the connection, also on the Internet. The transport system for bikes is among others by the renowned shipping retailer Amazon Bicycle carrier Menabosells that has included the support of the Italian manufacturer in its range.

After the simple order took only a few days until we reached the Menabò 932,833 IRON bike rack. The product of the Italian company, which is located in the picturesque town of Forli is, in a robust package delivered. There is little risk that the carrier is damaged before delivery. By thick cardboard, the transport system is well protected, which is pre-assembled to a large extent. The final assembly must be performed by the user. It is in the guide explained, which is also located in the package.

The multilingual guide clarifies three German sides over the commissioning and over the regular use of the carrier. There you will find large graphics that contribute enormously to understanding. In written observations every move is explained, which is required for assembly of the bicycle carrier of Menabò.

First, the screws must be used to the in divided two rails construction to connect. Thereafter, the structure of the holder frame, which ensures the fixation of the bicycle takes place. It is connected by means of screws, nuts and washers with the remaining carrier. Shortly thereafter, the transport system can already on the roof are attached.

Facts about the bike rack

Menabò indicates that the bike carrier with numerous bases from different manufacturers can be combined. Thanks to the adjustable in length track the device can actually be adapted to different base support.

It is regulated through a handle which is made of plastic. In the production of 932,833 Menabo IRON bicycle carrier but were mainly aluminum and steel processing. Few elements are made of lightweight plastic, which has an extremely robust.

Castle of the roof rack of MenaboMade of artificial material, inter alia, the clip was made, with the frame of the wheel is fixed to the carrier. The black clip is located on the silver arm, which is made of aluminum. She’s with the rail of the carrier connected that is made from steelwas. The massive metal was painted during the production process. This not only ensures the silvery look, but also protects against rust, which might otherwise occur.

Basically, the Menabo 932,833 IRON bike carrier suitable for transporting different bikes . So can be transported easily, for example, wire donkey with extra thick tires, because the track is adaptable to the size of the wheels if necessary. The support may, for example, for transporting City-, mountain- and touring bikes are used. However, their frame tube must be at least three centimeters thick. If the wheel is a pipe has, the thicker than eight centimeters , it can not be moved with the Italian carrier.

Otherwise almost any bike on the support of Menabò can fix. Here are enclosed straps helpful by which the bike can very securely fastened. As part of our practical tests we did not only checks the straps.Through numerous tests with different bikes we could check the 932,833 Menabò IRON bicycle carrier in practice. All results please refer to the following section, where we report our experience.

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The bicycle carrier in the practical test

In our practical tests of the carrier showed the daily capacity of the metal structure. It can be on in a short time Mount Bike mounted on roof rackfix base support. Immediately afterwards, different bikes can be transported. Thanks to the movable guide rail, the tires of the wheels are securely covers. Find also larger wheels enough space. Ideal for mountain bikes , whose thick tires do not fit to each wearer.

Using the additional bracket handle the frame of the wheel is so focused that reduces the risk of accidents to a minimum. It is made of soft plastic, so there is no danger that the expensive frame of transportable bikes is damaged. For safety, the bear additional straps of Menabò 932,833 IRON bicycle rack at which ensure further fixation.

At full speed, the superstructure of Menabò noticeable. Up to a speed of 120 , the vehicle can at any time safely control if permitted by weather conditions.

Thus, the bicycle can be transported to their destination. The resulting from the use of the bicycle rack noise remains at a manageable level.

Worry only some screw that can be solved with time. Otherwise we could but during our rides Menabo 932,833 IRON bike carrier no glaring weaknesses discovered.

Compact carrier at an attractive price

That a transport system that allows a bike is brought to the destination, does not have to be so expensive, demonstrates the Italian manufacturer Menabò . Meanwhile 932,833 IRON bike rack fits nearly all common base frames , which are offered by various manufacturers. This allows the carrier with the most vehicles use.

The plastic and various metals carrier transports large and smaller wheels which are fixed very safe with the guide rail and the gripper arm. The unique construction is carried out in a short time later regulations require little time. Up to a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, the transport system can use very safe.

Only a few screws should be tightened from time to time. Those who observe this requirement, receives the Menabò 932,833 IRON bike carriers a secure way to carry his bike.

Due to the low price, which is not a negative effect on the processing, the carrier is an excellent transport aid which is worth the purchase.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

5th place

Summary: Cheap, high quality, safe – the Menabo would be the ideal roof rack when the annoying tightening the screws would not bother!


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