Rear mounted bike racks / Menabo Logic 3 was awarded the 3rd place in our test 2016

Menabo Logic 3 was awarded the 3rd place in our test 2016

Menabo 927 828 rear carrier Logic3


Menabo HecktägerAs always, the product is touted by its manufacturer high here, so you as a buyer no longer really know what you’re the seller can now believe and what not. Comfort, safety and great quality, these are the standard – promises that you get to hear from a manufacturer.

Whether Menabo his promise and now also can really hold and to what extent the information is correct, we have in our tests found for you.

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Functional Overview

  • up to 3 bikes
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • 3 single Radhalterschinen

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  • easily collapsible
  • Assembly within one hour
  • concealed neither registration plate nor taillights
  • Accepts all types of wheels and wheel frame to
  • thick foam padding


  • not be folded
  • not very high in the processing

The data for Menabo Logic3

The manufacturer promises that the bike rack up to 3 wheels simultaneously can be transported easily.Especially for a family outing that would be a great advantage if you only need a bike rack to three wheels to simultaneously take with you on holiday.

In addition, the Logic3 should simply close together his idea where to save a lot of space.

The wheel carrier branded Menabo was – according to the manufacturer – approved by TÜV / GS.

Attention is drawn to the ease of installation of the wheels on the support. Where is again specially noted that the three wheels in three separate tracks are provided to prevent damage to the wheels with each other.

Also stated by the manufacturer that the carrier feather is what additionally should be a bonus in terms of comfort. In addition, the car itself is also again a little less burdened, as though the carrier is in addition to the wheels still very difficult.

The assembly tool required is supplied.




By high density foam sheathing at the wheel should be paid in addition to the protection of the body in order to avoid possible damage from the road.

It should be noted that the Menabo Logis3 has a tested brand quality.

It is also important that the bike carrier is not suitable for cars with spoilers is!

The tools that are required for fixing the carrier to the car are to be included. Thus, the buyer himself should not have to worry about the Get the right materials for installation, making it equal to the first point of comfort with this product.

The manufacturer guarantees that the tail lights and the license plate of the car are not covered by the rear carrier branded Menabo.

Simple one-click to make the assembly and disassembly of the car a breeze and thus save the customer a lot of time and nerves.

In addition, the manufacturer promises a within seconds loaded and unloaded the bikes.

Whether the product can keep what was promised by the manufacturer, we will now find out in our review.

The Menabo Logic3 practical test

When unpacking the bike carrier that is immediately struck us that the design simply is.

However, the car accessory acts on the first look a little unstable and agile.

As promised by the manufacturer, the entire tool is required for installation, included in the package and also works flawlessly. This one has not even worry about the procurement of the tool, if you get his bike rack.

With a little technical skill of the carrier is then mounted within an hour on the vehicle and can be loaded.For mounting, however, it should be for two or damaging his car, since it is almost impossible to adjust the Menabo Logic3 properly without assistance.

In addition, the “thick foam padding” is, as promised by the manufacturer, is not sufficient to ensure a 100-percentage body protection. The best way to protect the body or with other pieces of leather or thick fabric pieces.

should to protect the body sufficient additional leather parts or pieces of cloth to be placed under the vehicle.

The support is contrary to our expectations stable and can withstand even higher speeds – for example on the highway – and also irregularities in the road stand.

A drawback there that the boot lid can only be opened if there are no bicycles are on the rear carrier, since it does not – like many other models – one break-away – has mechanism to allow the free access to the trunk lid.

For bicycles of different types one must be careful when loading the bike that is best mounted first and in which the carrier rail to a long rumhantieren to avoid the last wheel. We find that the manufacturer would have something better here can come up to the comfort – increasing factor even further, because you do not really feel like that one still makes itself before the holiday or vacation time thinking how on the wheels best installed to the knuckle of Menabo.

The bicycle carrier is indeed with its 14 kg not really difficult, but one imagines the “Lightweight” something else. Although it is for a woman or someone who is not a Hercules, possible to move the carrier, however, there is point deduction, because the manufacturer has promised here definitely too much.

Menabo 927,828Quite the contrary, the Logic3 really can but fold easily. The bike rack This way you can achieve a minimum size from the original, which makes it one is simple and easy to carry without him having to assemble on the tow bar before. In addition, he can be when you do not even need it – such as in winter, easy in the garage or somewhere accommodate in the house without a large loss of space to have recorded.

The optimal positioning and shape of the tail boom no visibility is obscured on the license plate or the tail lights of the car. Care is taken by the manufacturer in particular on the safety of persons.The view from the car is not significantly restricted.

Another plus earned the wheel carrier by the fact that it only needs to be adjusted once to the car and this setting – if it has not changed – is retained by the carrier.

Our conclusion:

The bicycle carrier Menabo Logic3 provides for its reasonable price at a sufficient power. Of course, you should think carefully before buying to what you value sets to get from this accessory no disappointment at his wheel.

In many ways, the carrier is a great thing to his action – to enjoy holidays by bike to the fullest. However, one should also its weaknesses – such as the obstruction of the trunk lid by the bikes – be aware.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

2nd place

Summary: This bike rack is completely for its price in order.


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