Roof mounted bike carriers / Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof rack compared

Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof rack compared

Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof rack in test

The Menabo roof rack is stable and safeWho wants to safely transport luggage, furniture or bicycles, requires a carrier which is mounted on or in the vehicle. Such roof rack, often as railare called, belong to the range of different manufacturers who specialize in this baggage systems.

A producer who produces different carrier, comes from the Italian community Cavriago . There already has been 1972 enterprises Menabofounded, the first made with the car radio a name. A little later, the range has been significantly expanded.

Today the specialists from Italy produce such as roof boxes, bike carriers and roof rails. To the full range includes the Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof rack, which we have tested. All results , find out in this review, which educates young people on the many strengths and few weaknesses of the wearer.

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Functional Overview

  • high carrying load
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 5 kg
  • including screws and Allen key

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  • quiet even at high speeds
  • high quality
  • Suitable for bikes, boxes and skis
  • low air resistance
  • Simple & fast assembly


  • only suitable for BMW X3, Ford C-Max and VW Golf Plus

Delivery and packaging

In Germany, the Italian roof racks of Menabo are not only about local shops and department storessold. The products are also on the Internet offers.

So the known distributes shipping giant Amazon , the roof racks of Menabo. There, the products are often at a very special price offered.

Menabo manufacturer for railing and roof rackWe ordered our support, we tested very well in connection, also on the Internet. We were able to save not only in price. The railing of Menabo was finally delivered easily. It accounted for the costly transport of the roof rack, which instead in a few days was brought to the destination.

The roof carrier Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 was handed over by the employees of a known logistics company. It is housed in a rugged package that is exactly five kilograms easily. The massive envelope that came railing is well protected. Inside the envelope, however, are not only the support, but also some other components.

Manual and Installation

The envelope in which the Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 supplied roof rack, conceals not only the load-bearing elements, but also the attachments with which the crossmember is mounted on the roof of the vehicle concerned. They come complete with the matching screws , which provide secure grip. You are using an Allen key fixed, enclosed with the delivery also.Rail mounting Menabo

The first assembly and the everyday use of Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof rack are in the guideexplained, which is also located in the package.

After reading the instructions, the carrying system is likely also by a beginner can be mounted, which has so far never used a roof rack. In the instructions there are explanatory graphs showing the initial setup easier significantly.

After reading the manual, we ventured to the assembly. It took about 20 minutes until we had mounted on a suitable vehicle to support the first time. The later following dismantling was carried out much faster. The always takes place down and setting up the railingnow requires only a little time, because all handles are internalized rapidly. The manual is no longer required.

The roof railing at a glance

The Menabo Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof rack fits on many roofs. Who a Ford C-Max moves, which was created after 2010, the rail can definitely use. But they will also fit other vehicles such as the BMW X3 or the VW Golf Plus.

The 31 centimeter high roof beam is largely made of sturdy aluminum , which has been well made. The two metal tubes that are placed on the roof of the appropriate vehicle, are exactly two centimeters thick. To be able to transport even more weight, the five centimeter wide support because they high loads have increased.

The two metallic railings also look visually appealing. The aluminum was well made.

It was with a corrosion protection provided, which protects against the moisture that reaches the carrier.

Can be found at the edges of the carrier of Menabo robust ends that have been made of plastic. The ends are secured easily on matching automobile. Here you will find matching holes into which fit the screws. So the can 130 centimeters long rail can be fixed very firmly on the car.The secure fixing is a strength of which we were able to convince us by a practical test. We determined that the carrier connects firmly with the right roof. All other results for support of Menabo learn in the following section.

Practical test of the roof bar

We tested the Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof racks of Menabo where we him tested in practice . For this we screwed the roof rack at appropriate vehicles. We were able to ascertain that the rail fits both the X3 from BMW, as well as the C-Max Ford.

We also examined whether the rail can be mounted on vehicles, which are not specified by the manufacturer. But we had no luck.

therefore other carriers must be used for other automobiles.

We can, for example, the universal Thule roof rail WingBar Edge 959 suggest that fits on almost any car.The Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof racks of Menabo not fit on any vehicle, but can be good use in automobiles, which the manufacturer Data and facts about bicycle rackshas provided. If the rail is once mounted, fits any conventional attachment.So we tipped the Italian carrier, among others, roof basketsand boxes , which could be fixed in each case determined.

At full speed, the suspension system also remains very lowwhen it is connected to a basket or a box. The driving characteristics of the automobile are scarcely affected. Even at high speeds , by more than one hundred kilometers per hour, the carrier can be used very well. We could not move, for example, bicycles safely for long periods after they have been secured with the appropriate kit on the support of Menabo.

Practical railing for many vehicles

By the Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof racks of the known manufacturer Menabo can bicycles, luggage or skisare safely moved. The carrier fits on the roofs of some automobiles, which are manufactured by Ford, BMW and Golf. It is supplied in a robust package that protects against bumps and shocks.

Thanks to the instruction is the first assembly in less than half an hour performed. Then, the support of Menabo used for safe transport. We found that the two aluminum elements are not only very well made, but also carry high weight. So we could, for example, carry heavy luggage box and large Fährräder.

Even at higher speeds is the carrier of Menabo, which is 30 centimeters high, very quiet.Thus, the rail is also suitable for fast driving on highways.

The sometimes required disassembly of the two supporting beams that have been provided with a corrosion protection, requires little time.For these reasons we can Tema MENFIX014G_2 roof racks of Menabo for all riders and drivers suggestthat control the right automobile. Who moves a BMW X3, a Ford C-Max or Golf Plus Volkswagen, can certainly use the support of Menabo that facilitate the transport significantly.

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test result

Security & Stability

Price Tip

Summary: Ideal for budget Roof rail for BMW X3, Ford C-Max and VW Golf Plus.


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