Rear mounted bike racks / MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier Multi-Family cargo2-in test

MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier Multi-Family cargo2-in test

MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier Multi-Family cargo2-in test

Rear carrier of MFTBicycles can be moved over long distances with different transport systems. Different manufacturers offer the future users among othersroof and rear carrier , on which are placed the wire donkey. Many companies that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of the means of transport, are from Germany.

Featuring a peaceful Ilshofen-Großallmerspann, which is located in Baden-Württemberg since 1992 resides the MFT GmbH . The company has since its inception with various transport systems made a name. For current range includes among others the8200 / BL bike carrier Multi-Family cargo2 , can be transported up to four bikes.

We have this support through an extensive field test verified. Here, strengths and weaknesses disclosed, which we will discuss in this review. We also reveal whether the purchase of the German carrier worth, who for many years less than 200 euros will cost.

Functional Overview

  • Trailer hitch bike rack
  • 19 kg
  • Load of 80 kg
  • electrical lighting elements

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  • very robust steel linkage
  • with electric tail lights
  • suitable for higher speeds
  • Quick fasteners for bicycles
  • low air resistance
  • including water level and work gloves


  • massive braces missing
  • relatively high weight

Delivery and packaging

The MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier is mainly sold on the Internet. So the transportation option is, for example, via the renowned shipping giant Amazon sold which has taken back the product in its range. With a purchase over the network, the user saves the transport of the carrier, which is on sale in a heavy cardboard.

We ordered our MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier also on the Internet . It took a few daysuntil we, the support was passed.

The supplier gave a package that exactly 24 kg is heavy. The robust box is the support which reaches the consumer in many items, well protected from bumps and shocks. Other packaging materials can be found in the box. The manufacturer uses locking bags, made of solid sheet. For example, the metal screws that were made of stainless steel, perfectly protected.The delivery is also a guide at. Here is the first requisite is mounting the support declared. The detailed instructions explain each handle. The construction of the necessary tools , the delivery includes also. The manufacturer has even on work gloves thought that are also found in the box. Thus the carrier may be very well assembled. We needed about 30 minutes to build the transport system and to be attached to our test vehicles.

The carrier at a glance

The MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier Multi-Family cargo2 largely consists of solid steel.

On the use of aluminum , the manufacturer has omitted. Therefore, this means of transport is slightly heavier than other carriers, which are manufactured by the competition.

So was the BackPac 973 Tailgate bicycle carrier Thule, which we also tested, from the much lighter material manufactured. In terms of weight, the carrier of MFT must therefore beaten many competitors’ products.For the bike rack scores by particularly good processing . All components have been provided with a coating. By galvanicRear carrier with license plateZinc is produced a layer which protects the metal optimal. So there is little risk ofcorrosion . In particular, the thick-walled tubes that carry the bikes, make a very respectable impression.Positive also the anti-theft device , be protected by the carrier and bicycles.

The remaining construction works also well made.The MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier Multi-Family cargo2 also has practical lights , be informed by the other drivers on the driving skills of the user’s intentions. Even if the actual lamps of the car are covered by the wheels, is also when turning or when braking is no danger , because the traffic behind is always knowledgeable.

Because of the solid material from which the carrier have been created, the transport system can with up to 80 kg are loaded. Of this we were able to in a practical test to convince we inform about the results in the next section.

Practical test of the tail boom

The MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier is relatively easy on the clutch position of a vehicle. Thereafter, the system is so backed up with a fix, which is activated via a practical handle that it can not fall off the clutch.The MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier has a practical level , which was integrated into the frame. Thus, the design is very easy to align.

Thereafter, the bicycle can already be mounted on the carrier.

The component is attached via large metal brackets that enclose very firmly the wheel.

There is a at the ends of the staples soft plastic protection . Thus there is no danger that the frame of the wheels rear carrier with bikesfrom being damaged during transportation.More wheel holders and lashing straps ensure that the wheels are very firmly fixed, when they are mounted on the transport. Thanks to the quick closures which can be fixed in seconds are, the wheels in a short time can be secured so that they even at high speeds are not covered by the transport.

During our practical tests we fixed several bikes that we followed over many kilometers moving. We were able to determine that different bikes can very securely attached to the transport opportunity. We could even fix an electric bicycle.

Here, however, we found that the requisite thicker parentheses is not inclusive belong.

You have the brackets but also as an accessory. Therefore, can the small shortcoming get over.With our trips, the wheels were always safely on the carrier. Speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hourcan be achieved easily. Due to the low air resistance , the additional luggage little impact on the vehicle.On hilly terrain makes the MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier a particularly good figure. Even with steep descents the bike are very safe on the transport.

Massive transport Bicycles

The MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier can convince in many ways. The only minor drawback is the lack of brackets that allow mountain bikes and other bikes can be fixed, which have a particularly thick frame.Otherwise the support of MFT can also score points in all test categories . It convinces not only by thebeautiful design , but also by a good processing of the metal.

The manufacturer uses massive steel .

The result is an extremely robust design , can be fixed very securely by the bicycles.

Use the spirit level allows the transport opportunity attach very closely on the clutch. The bikes can be securely fixed on the carrier. For these reasons we can to the MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier thoroughly recommended.Heck Carriers now on Amazon!

test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

6th place

Summary: The MFT rear carrier can score with the extensive accessories and the extremely robust construction.

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