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Onguard Pitbull STD 8003 bicycle lock test

Onguard Pitbull STD 8003

Onguard locks-STD-115-x-230-x-14-mm-0

Onguard locks-STD-115-x-230-x-14-mm-0Onguard locks-STD-115-x-230-x-14-mm-0-0 Price: 25.69   *

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Here you see a lock from the house of Onguard STD, type 8003 with the dimensions of 115 x 320 x 14 mm. It consists of hardened steel and a double rubber coating, a Z-locking cylinder including BumbBlok. It is classified according to safety level 80. When ordering an Onguard STD lock, you will receive an LED key and four spare keys.

Onguard Pitbull STD 8003 review

The Onguard Pitbull STD 8003 belongs in the middle price category and comes in an appealing design therefore. Black, gray and yellow shades blend together to create a very stylish overall picture. The exact price is currently just 27 € and is thus for everyone without problems to purchase. In terms of security, it plays at the top despite its low price. The bicycle lock has a very good combination of price and performance – especially with regard to safety.

advantages Disadvantages
Security rating 1.7 at Stiftung Warentest inflexible
very broad


Onguard Pitbull STD 8003 Test: Quality impressions and handling

One notices the qualitative processing in this bicycle lock immediately, but we also found in a thorough investigation of the bicycle lock any flaw or error. During the test, we were particularly impressed by the enormous width, because most, even the more expensive locks, can not keep up with this. This of course results in a great advantage in the daily connection – it is also possible to easily use wider columns or similar. Whereby it must be noted here, it is not a chain lock and happens to have a U-lock also certain limitations.

The rubber coating of the lock is also advantageous, so no scratches are caused by the bicycle lock.

Onguard Pitbull STD 8003 Test: break-proof

In terms of safety the castle reaches top values in relation to the price. It can also keep up with more expensive bicycle locks in the area of security. The bike lock consists of large parts of specially hardened steel and has a lot of safety functions. The Onguard Pitbull STD 8003 keeps up most of the thieves without problems, even if it is not unknackable, of course.

Onguard Pitbull STD 8003 Test: That says Stiftung Warentest

At Stiftung Warentest, it achieved a total score of just 4.9 – but this is mainly due to the note in the area of pollutants. Because you do not always have a lock in his hand, this is only of secondary importance for many -. 4.9 also is the note in pollutants profiling on the other hand it may be in safety, here it comes down to a 1.7. Has in handling It also benefits from the enormous width, and achieves a 2.8 – the best value under the bracket locks. Ultimately interesting is still the durability, which concludes with a quite good note of 1.6.

Onguard Pitbull STD 8003 review: Conclusion


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