Bike Repair Stand / Park Tool PCS-9 repair stand the test report

Park Tool PCS-9 repair stand the test report

Park Tool PCS-9 repair stand the test

Park Tool PCS-9 Test

 suitable for any bike

space-saving dimensions

class processing

padded clamp handle

no accessories

With Amazon only EUR 114.90

Even if not much screwed on his bike, one should nevertheless be cleaned and oiled regularly. At least every almost one hundred kilometers should be cleaned and oiled the chain. If you often off the road moves even more common. This necessary work is much more pleasant and easier with a bicycle repair stand. The Park Tool PCS-9 is already missed by myself in action and I do not want him for 2 years.

Park Tool PCS-9 repair stand the test report

Park Tool PCS-9 repair stand is probably one of the best bike accessories that you can buy. In the long run it will even save money.Park Tool itself describes the PCS-9 as Einstigs-repair stand for ambitious hobbyists. But why do I need it? Whenever I return from a tour – usually in the dirt – I clamp the corresponding bike in the stand and will clean it rough from dirt. Then I check the tires to any cracks or other damage, such as metal chips. Total takes me this procedure with the Park Tool PCS-9 just a few minutes to complete. Before I had the luxury of a repair stand, I turned like a lot of my bike to simple and so tried the work carried out. I have to I do not point out that it is not only exhausting to work so, but not as perfect as you can not reach so good at many places. Park Tool PCS-9 it is contrary Easily Bicycle accurately adjust to the appropriate angle that is needed.

The Park Tool Repair Stand can be variably adjusted to a working height of 99cm to 145 cm and the padded clamp handle almost pipes of a diameter of between 24mm and 76mm. When folded, the dimensions are very space-saving with  30.5 x 12.7 x 73.7 cm and a weight of 6 KG. Assembling goes relatively quickly and is also very convenient to carry out minor maintenance on lines or more day trips. I have my PCS-9, however, so far only 2 times broken down when I rearranged my workshop.

Load bearing the Park Tool PCS-9 is all. I had already pretty much chucked each bike. From lightweight like Alutec Teibun to heavy e-bikes with 26 KG and very unequal weight distribution. All bikes can be clamped without problems and also fixed in any position thanks to the 360-degree swivel clamp handle. Especially the distance between standpipe and pedals is a good size. This ensures that the function of the bicycle is always given. When setting the course an absolutely essential feature.

Park Tool PCS-9 repair stand is sold for about 150 euros, but you can find much cheaper online him. Here it costs as Amazon currently only about 115 euros .

Optional accessories like a toolbox is not in the standard version with included, which is a pity, because many competitors offer this.However, you can reorder it for little money.


Park Tool PCS-9 vs. PCS-10

Surely you milled you even if you might not the newer model PCS-10 should buy or what the pricing difference accounts for about 60 euros. Of course there are some innovations that do not bring the Park Tool PCS. 9 Here especially the quick clamping grip should be mentioned, with which one does not have to screw as long as the older model. Likewise, there are other tools such as truing, which can be mounted directly on the mounting stand. For my part I can say that these features are indeed very nice but would not be essential importance. Therefore, I find the higher price only partly justified and not necessary. However, anyone who has the extra budget it will have much easier, especially when pinching the bikes.



  • stability
  • 9. 4

  • processing
  • 8th. 9

  • functionality
  • 8th. 5

  • Price-performance
  • 9. 1


Total score:


Park Tool PCS-9 is certainly one of the best bike repair stand to there are to buy. Enormous stability and suitable for any bike. Add to this the good processing (each bearing part is made of metal, as well as the clamp handle).After years of using the repair stand is still as operational as the first day. The rubber coating on the clamp handle to show signs of wear. Additional accessories, although unfortunately only available at an extra cost, but for a good price in the middle segment, the all times reasonable.In short a very solid and practical helpers are obtained when buying a Park Tool PCS-9 for all maintenance and repair work on pretty much any bike. I also go strongly believe that I will have this the Park Tool Repair stand another year in my workshop.

Buy now at Amazon for EUR 114.90!

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