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Petzl Reactik + Stirnlampe Schwar




The REACTIK + headlamp with a luminosity of 300 lumens offers a compact, intelligent, networkable and rechargeable solution for outdoor sportsmen. With the mobile application MyPetzl Light, the user can control the remaining lighting time on his smartphone or tablet in real time and adapt the performance of the headlamp to his activities (trailrunning, mountaineering, trekking, bivouac). To do this, you only have to download the predefined profiles or create your own user-specific profiles. During the activity, the REACTIK + measures the brightness of the surroundings using the REACTIVE LIGHTING technology and immediately adjusts the luminosity to the user’s requirements. The recharge time is optimized and manual intervention is reduced to a minimum!

Reactive Lighting
The Reactive Lighting technology is a revolution in the development of head lamps. Using a brightness sensor, the luminosity and the shape of the light cone are immediately and automatically adapted to the respective activity. The user has a customized and comfortable lighting without using his hands. The lighting time can be configured with the software user-specific.

Constant Lighting
With Constant Lighting Headlamps, the brightness is not changed during the specified burn time. This luminance is below the maximum value when the lamp is switched on. After the end of the lighting period, the lamp automatically switches to the reserve mode with reduced luminosity.

Lamp Mode Reactive Lighting
luminosity Max Autonomy – Luminance 80 Lumens = headlight 70 m = Burn time 10 hrs.
Luminous intensity Standard – Luminance 160 Lumen = headlight 90 m = burn time 5 hrs.
Luminous intensity Max Power – Luminance 240 Lumen = 110 m = burn time 2 hours 30. min.

lighting mode Constant lighting
vicinity – Luminance 30 lumens = headlight 35 m = Burn time 15 hrs.
Transportation – Luminance 100 lumen = headlight 70 m = Burn time 6 hours.
fast movement -. Luminance 180 lumen = headlight 90 m = burn time 2 hours

lighting mode boost
luminosity boost – Luminance 240 lumen = 110 m = Burn time 10 s.

Lamp mode Constant lighting – red
short range – Luminance 2 lumens = light width 8 m, visible from 1 km = Burn time 30 hours.
flashing – light Volume 2 lumens = light width 8 m, visible From 1 km distance = lighting duration 60 hrs.


  • Luminosity is automatically adjusted via brightness sensor
  • Can also be used with constant luminosity
  • Combined light cone with focused component for near and far vision
  • BOOST mode for short-term access to maximum luminous intensity
  • Red auxiliary light for the darkadaptation of the eye
  • LOCK function prevents accidental power-up
  • Lithium-ion battery 1800 mAh
  • Charging via micro USB connector
  • Charging indicator
  • Battery can be replaced with battery compartment (not included)
  • Washable, adjustable two-piece headband
  • Weatherproof
  • Via Bluetooth networkable lamp (function can be deactivated)
  • Free app download in the Apple Store and Play Store (My Petzl Light)
  • Access to remaining real-time lighting time
  • Adjust the brightness and luminance
  • Creation of different light profiles according to activity
  • Article number: 496529



gender Unisex
lamp Type: headlamp | Terrain: Mountain Climbing | Power Source: Battery
Functions (h) Light duration: 1 – 10 h
Measurement (g) Weight: 115 g
delivery Headlamp, lithium-ion battery, USB cable of 30 cm, headband
Model year 2016

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