Bike Repair Stand / Powerfix Repair Stand | Bike Repair Stand Test

Powerfix Repair Stand | Bike Repair Stand Test

Powerfix work stand the test

Powerfix Repair Stand

 particularly variable

easily transportable

pleasantly light

very stable

Plastic at stressed points

With Amazon only EUR 55,00

In this test, it is about the Powerfix bike – Motorcycle stand substantially more favorable model for independent bicycle maintenance – and repair at home. Whether this variation for about 65 € with the class – can compete models, such as the Feedback Sports Pro Elite, is examined in detail below.

The Powerfix Bike Repair Stand

As in our other tests should be a good bike – repair stand above all fulfill the following central characteristics: it should allow convenient, comfortable and work your back, should be fully adjustable in height and can be adapted to a wide variety of bicycles.

It should also have a high stability, so that the assembly stand is stable also on bicycles with a higher weight and does not slip. The Powerfix mounting stand meets these characteristics, despite the relatively low price surprisingly good, that is, that one for just under 65 € a grassroots assembly stand

Stability and processing

The Powerfix mounting stand weighs 8kg and has a maximum payload of about 30kg, which means that he is strong enough to support all popular types of bicycle stable.

However, when it to special requests, such as very heavy electric – bikes goes, you may need to repair stand recourse whose carrying capacity is higher than 30kg. If, however, within the 30kg – is limit the Powerfix remains stable and are without slipping on the floor. This is guaranteed by its 4 pillars which are even suitable for request for screwing on the floor.

The Powerfix mounting stand consists mainly of steel and aluminum, which with proper care a long, satisfactory use guaranteed. Visually, this mounting stand can quite impressive: the combination of silver, black and blue looks in our opinion, very chic.


The Powerfix mounting stand comes pre-mounted at home, it only need a few parts are screwed together, which is no problem. In use, the device is constructed with the aid of a quick release in an instant and can be folded to save space after use if necessary. This mounting stand also enables time-efficient work, since the stand does not have to be rebuilt every time.

The bike is by means of a quick – clamped system, which is covered with a paint-friendly and non-slip profiling. The Clamping claw is suitable for bikes whose frame 25mm – 40mm is thick. This corresponds to all common types of bikes, but could for more specialized bicycles such as racing bikes or electric – prepare bicycles problems. In height, this mounting stand of about 107cm – 188cm be adjusted continuously, so what leaves no wish unfulfilled. During our tests the Powerfix Repair Stand remained at any altitude and at any load up to 30kg very stable and not slipped.

Also included in this case a link fixing, which can be used if necessary to prevent unwanted and disturbing movements of the front wheel during repair. In addition, you can the supplied tool tray attaches to the main tube of the stand with integrated magnetic tray, which has proved to be extremely useful during repairs.


  • stability
  • 9. 7

  • processing
  • 8th. 1

  • functionality
  • 8th. 2

  • Price-performance
  • 9. 8th


Total score:


The Powerfix mounting stand convinces by easy handling, high functionality and extremely good price – performance ratio. The device is up a few steps and dismantled and can be cleaned up to save space after use.During our tests, the unit was 100% stable at all times and slipped not, enabling a secure and convenient repair and maintenance. The provided link fixing and the tool tray with integrated magnetic tray prove especially during lengthy applications very useful.So if for little money a good bike – repair stand searches, is well served with Powerfix stands and will be very pleased with this unit.


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