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The POWERPAC CITYBIKE 26 “E BIKE has the pedelec test provided … and cut with very satisfactory results, because the E bike convinces with its high quality and email processing as well as the enormous power, it can raise. But not only the strength, applies it to the day is impressive. ThePOWERPAC – CITYBIKE has a term of up to 100km according to the manufacturer, we came with a 85kg heavy man on 65km at straight distanceand medium support level. This is also a very good cut of reach for an electric bike.

The E bike has a frame size of 26” and a frame height of 47cm. Made of lightweight aluminum, it only takes a total weight of 24kg on the scales. Even the lithium-ion high-performance battery with 36V not change the Lightweight. The engine is actually a transmission scars engine.
The brakes are hydraulic. Disc brakes Tektro who in E Bike test proved to be highly reliable and well. The fork is positively highlighted. The Powerpac City Bike test has shown that even in rough terrain, the vibrations are efficiently trapped. The damper is working properly and provides a long Distractions driving pleasure. Up to 100km. Because that creates POWERPAC CITYBIKE 26 “E BIKE with a charged battery.
Additional equipment include the integrated traction. This is especially a positive extra if an unexpected slope see you before. Incidentally, one uses the brakes, then an automatic switch-off of the electric operation are made. But that is to be controlled manually. LCD display PAS and tool set, basket and Porters are also included as a special accessory. The E Bike meets all the qualities and characteristics that should satisfy a city bike. In addition, there can be at a quality level that the bike ride to another experience. But even beyond the city limits, the is POWERPAC CITYBIKE a good companion. Because even for longer trips and excursions, the City Bike is an attractive means of transportation. The circuit is actually a 7-speed Shimano gears.
A particular advantage in the design of this bike is its low entry. This makes the city bike especially for the older generation attractive. For where the lifting of the leg can sometimes cause difficulties, the E Bike helps by its low construction method right here. A good bike for the elderly, especially in city traffic. This clearly showed the Powerpac City Bike Test.

customer Support

In comparison, the city bike has 26 “convinced. It is the best city bike option in this price range in the market. But what particularly convinced, regardless of the test results of the pedelec testing, customer service is provided by PowerPac Baumaschinen GmbH itself. This is the manufacturer and distributor of the successful electric bikes and it offers test drives and repairs. The e-bike service is also outstanding when it comes to the order parts.


Also in terms of design convinced the Powerpac City-E-Bike . That was true, of course, not tested in Powerpac City Bike Test because design and appearance are known to be matters of individual and personal taste. But that Citybike has character. It is light and being burdensome. One would equal swing into the saddle and can caress your face the driving wind at 25 km / h top speed. Elegant, simple and dynamic. A little unnerving acts of deep entry that is practical, but surprise compared to typical bicycle construction at the first moment. Held in the trendy silver aluminum the City Bike’s actually a real eye-catcher.


As briefly mentioned the price-Leistungss ratio is really convincing. The purchase price is just under 1800 Euros . It’s not the most efficient priced pedelec, but it gives quality, service and above all: of riding comfort and riding pleasure. Of course, the wheel should be maintained accordingly.
Then anything does get broken at beloved two-wheeler, the service is also part of the purchase price. For the power that brings the city bike, the price is quite adequate. Circuit, brakes, suspension and the quality lithium-ion battery are more than convincing aspects that are also in  POWERPAC – particularly good reviews CITYBIKE test have received in order to decide on the acquisition of Powerpac pedelec.


The Powerpac City Bike E Bike test has shown that the E holds bike what it promises. It is an excellent means of locomotion that performance, power and fun brings. The hydraulic disc brakes are the best on the market. The same applies for the 7 gearshift Shimano. Even the choice of the lithium-ion high-performance battery, the PowerPac Baumaschinen GmbH has opted for the best.
Low entry, comfortable saddle and a mileage up to 100 km (in our E Bike test at least 65km) – quality, price and design convinced.


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