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Prophete children Full suspension transport trailer

Full suspension for less than 140 €? To be too good to be true?

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kinderfahrradanhaenger prophets-full suspensionAnyone who has children, who must always bring to different places.Many parents draw on the possibility of return, to transport them by bicycle, for example, to the kindergarten, to the sports club or child swimming. An alternative to children’s bicycle seats are bicycle trailers for children. Looking for a new bike trailer for our two children, we came to the prophets children Full suspension transport trailer.Many buyers were impressed by this trailer because it has many features that makes secure the transport of children, greater comfort plus is still inexpensive. For this reason, we obtained information and model our considered useful for a family like.

What can he all?

The first major advantage of Prophete children Full suspension transport trailer is the very simple assembly. For him there is no long search for screws, but to build it together by simply plugging together of the individual parts, the safety joints stand out very positively. Many also the low weight is praised, making it easy to pull on a bicycle. The weight of the trailer is just under 15kg at the same time the total weight is specified with 40 kgs, so that even larger children can be transported without suffering great lack of space. For us, a real plus point is the capacity of the trailer, because the child bike trailer offers even for two children place, however, the available space of a certain size of children is clearly limited. Extremely handy find many buyers the trailer, because you can use it not only for the transport of children, but also time for shopping at the weekend because it offers a whole lot of storage space. noticed Also positive is the space behind the seat for passengers, offers ample space for all the things that are important and necessary in a tour by bike.

If the safe?

Although the bicycle trailer is very reasonably priced, it is safe to use in many reviews. Especially the reinforced base, the 5-point safety belts, the integrated side protection and good suspension, the reflectors and safety joints received positive marks. Even the included safety flag ensures good visibility of the trailer, which makes motorists aware. In addition, battery headlights and taillights battery, of the Road Traffic Act (StVZO) are prescribed, supplied. In the area of child safety, the model can score good points. So there are for example a Radeingriffsschutz who not discourage the kids to grab with his hands in the wheels. Also falling over is almost impossible with this child bike trailer. However, one could read in the reviews again and again that the trailer is more suitable for shorter distances.The trailer has been tested and approved by TÜV, it is therefore approved for road traffic.

Luxury car or clunker?

Of course there is much more costly child bike trailer, but with the price-performance ratio of the model can be quite satisfied. The comfort that one gets for the price, can be seen, after all, has the trailer on a good side protection, mosquito nets and a retractable roof. These features also contribute to greater seating comfort. A small disadvantage is the more economical of space, sitting somewhat uncomfortable by the older children. In addition, the model has not, like other manufacturers, via a sophisticated ventilation system or a hand rod, to use it as a pram, if you want to go for a run, for example, without having to leave the kids at home. Touching up the manufacturer in the range of pollutants, of which traces have been detected in tests.

And the driving experience?

The trailers are given in rating high marks for comfort and driveability. These mainly contribute the good suspension and pneumatic tires with valves personalize it possible, inflate them at the gas station. The 20-inch spoked wheels give the car a good grip and a secure grip even in curves.Overall, the trailer is very easy to perform. As a parent, this is particularly important for us, because on the road with its many dangers we need a trailer which can be well controlled and in which the children feel secure.

Keeps the well for a while?

Although more expensive models may have better material and more sophisticated processing techniques, so can keep our opinion, despite its low price, yet easy to transport other supporters of this children’s bike trailer, when it comes to processing and durability. Claimed not to him to a great extent, it can the family provide good services, even over a longer period of time.

What do I get for the price?


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The trailer I use regularly for my son from kindergarten pick (short distance), but he could already be in two major cycling here. For the little money he is really great.Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total  4/5
functionality    3/5
safety    4/5
Comfort    4/5
Price-performance    5/5
processing    3/5
maneuverability    3/5


  • Suspension for a small price!
  • Included taillights, thus StVZO compliant
  • Also suitable to transport goods


  • economical space for older children
  • Ventilation system is not very sophisticated
  • no multifunctionality
  • not without pollutants


Amazing features and comfort at a low price!

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Technical specifications

seating 1
weight 15 kg
payload 40 kg

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