Kids' Bikes / Puky children’s bike ZL 12 & Z 2 – 12 inch test

Puky children’s bike ZL 12 & Z 2 – 12 inch test

Puky children’s bike ZL 12 inches ALU for boys Test


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The Puky 12 inches children’s bike enthusiastic all boys with a passion for football!

For whom the Puky suitable 12 inches children’s bike?

Puky is the leading German children bicycle and wheel-cult brand with a high quality standard of its products. The production still takes place in Wülfrath and it shows all products from Puky high also. So even with the great 12-inch entry-level children’s bike in the example design “football”. It is a bicycle that have become boy dream and just right for children with a stride length from 40 cm or an age of about 3 ¾ years.Then they are about 100 cm tall and have enough strength and skill to control the bike. The 12 inches children’s bike is ideal for all those for whom the 16-inch children’s bike is too big a step yet, and just change the wheel. So no tears roll out of despair, should little then best introduce Kinderrad about 12 inches and it does not overwhelm.

Difference Puky ZL 12 Alu and Z 2?Puky children's bike 12 inches

When Puky ZL 12 Alu is the same 12 inches children’s bike like the Puky Z 2, however, the ZL 12 has an 8 kg light aluminum frame, while the Z 2 can only come up with a steel frame. This saves at least 600 g in weight, which is a lot at this age, when the ratio “weight of the child” to the “weight of the Kinderrads” look at. Since prices for both model series are quite close together, we recommend in doubt always pick up the model with aluminum frame. This then means less effort in the first driving tests after switching from the impeller. The frame is the only difference between the two children’s bicycles, otherwise the two kids bikes are identical.

Structure of Puky 12 inches children’s bike

The Puky children’s bike comes mostly assembled. must be attached only to the handlebar, the pedals and, if necessary, where appropriate, the support wheels, which we discourage the latter from learning pedagogical reasons. To fasten (works intuitively!) Need a 6mm hex wrench, a phillips screwdriver and a wrench. After about 20 min. Of the football fan can then already start with the bike!

The equipment of the Puky

Puky Fenders & football

Safety 1st: safety apron (PVC edges), pedal reflectors and V-Brake brakes

The entry is in this Puky bike very low, which means a great comfort for the offspring, eventually not have to get the leg over the saddle balancing. In case of any crashes then no disturbing rod between his legs. This minimizes that the legs get caught in danger.The Puky ZL 12 or Z 2 convinces with additional features that make children safer cycling. In safety kit are front and rear beam reflectors, a crash pad, a bell and a plastic edge protection on front fender.
The braking system is very important in terms of safety and Puky has come up with what is here. Should the child move into a moment of shock the child-friendly front-brake with full force, so the children Bike blocked not jerk so that the risk of a rollover would. The brake then acts more like a kind of ABS system – but strong without blocking. Usually the child slow down but on the coaster brake scar, which is set very good at Puky. The equipment through a powder-coated frame, which also make Rounding Crash forgiving, without flaking equal. Furthermore, a chain guard is of course mandatory.The steering and pedals have ball bearings, which is seen in the smooth interaction of the parts.

Color selection Puky ZL 12 ALU

Conclusion for Puky ZL 12 ALU / Z 2 Children bike test

The Puky is the absolute quality money 12 inches children’s bike group! All components are fine-tuned and the design also convinces also. The children’s bike is all – big or small – certainly a lot of joy.

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