Kids' Bikes / Puky learner bike LR M test – 10 inch impeller review!

Puky learner bike LR M test – 10 inch impeller review!

Puky LR M 10 inches in Test


Puky learner bike LR M 10 inches in Review

The ultralight children impeller for the youngest novice drivers!

The Puky LR M Lauflernrad with the small 10-inch wheels is particularly characterized by its very low weight and low seat height. So a safe driving fun is guaranteed even for the youngest.

The Puky bike LR M in practical tests:

Due to its extremely low weight of just 3.5 kg and the very low setting of the saddle this Lauflernrad is particularly suitable for novice drivers from about 2 years. ThePuky LR M makes a very stable and especially thoughtful impression. The Lauflernrad is equipped with a special and pleasant soft bike saddle, which can be adjusted as well as the handlebar in height. The lowest saddle height is approximately 29 cm, so that the children impeller is suitable for children from a height of about 85 cm. Due to the good adjustment of handlebars and saddle the child grows with impeller, so that a long driving fun is guaranteed. The initials “LR M” stands for “wheel medium”.

The frame is provided with an impact resistant powder coating and has an extra-deep entry. Moreover, there is a footboard, the children can put their feet while driving. For this, it needs certainly a little driving experience, but this is a hevorragendes training for the sense of balance of the children. The subsequent transition to a bicycle is thereby facilitated significantly.

What about the security at LR M?

Since the Lauflernrad is designed for beginners wheel, it has no brake. Especially small children are initially not in a position to actuate the brake with controlled and slow instead prefer their feet. In the phase, learn to run cycling in the children, a brake it sometimes makes addition of too much distraction.

In terms of safety the Puky learner bike LR M has absolutely convinced us. In addition to the extra-deep access security steering handles and a padded steering wheel protection for safe driving pleasure from start to worry. The steering wheel has no limit, so that all of turns in the case of a fall. This prevents the child hits with face or belly on the handlebars. But the little ones comfort have to do without: The kids run bike only has a comfortable padded saddle also about quality ball bearing soft foam tires. For security reasons, has been omitted in this wheel on a stand, particularly as their small children might add here bruises.

In addition, all come to their money. Who have very clear ideas about the design at the tender age of 2 years The Puky LR M is available in many different colors, so something for everyone should be there.

Brightly colored Colour Selection Puky learner bike LR M
More details More details More details More details More details
oceanblau lovely pink classic red Kiwi green yellow

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