Kids' Bikes / Puky learner bike LR1 BR Tests – 12 inch impeller review!

Puky learner bike LR1 BR Tests – 12 inch impeller review!

Puky LR1 BR 12 inches in Review


The solid Children impeller for experienced racers with convincing, child-friendly brake system!

Puky LR1 BR in Test

The Puky learner bike LR1 BR is approved for children from 3 years and from a height of about 95 cm and has especially something geübterern drivers quite a bit of comfort.

The children Bike LR 1 with 12 inch wheels will be delivered pre-assembled and is within a short time ready to use. The bike makes a usual high and solid processed impression. Dimensions LR MSince the Lauflernrad is recommended only for children over 36 months, it is about 5 kg weight slightly heavier than for example. The PUKY LR M. The lowest adjustable saddle height is approximately 34 cm and, like the handlebar adjustable. This guarantees that the child grows impeller and the little long enjoy their vehicle have to be. Because the wheel has 12 inch wheels, can the child very well on the then following children’s bike, which also has 12-inch wheels, prepare with the LR1. So the conversion succeeds then playing. The initials “BR” stands for “brake” – see below for more.

What about the security at Puky learner bike LR1 BR?

The Puky impeller has convinced us especially in terms of security. A stable, powder coated frame with low step ensures safe mounting and dismounting. The handlebar is equipped with safety handlebar grips and an extra crash pad. Even on a steering wheel limit will be omitted due to the danger of blunt abdominal trauma. Although opinions are divided when impeller with respect to the brake, the brake has convinced at this children impeller us. For one thing, children impeller is designed especially for older children who can in principle coordinate the brakes already.Secondly PUKY has built an explicit child-friendly brake system. The brake is set such that the braking force is available, but not too strong. Even with solid brake allows the wheel (with an effort) are pushed up so that an abrupt emergency braking is prevented incl. Fall. If the children are bigger and braking control relatively safe, the brake can be adjusted and provided with slightly higher braking force.
The Lauflernrad has a footboard, so that children can leave your feet while driving.This trains especially the balance and coordination of the little ones and allows later usually a smooth transition to a bicycle. Children who are traveling on the LR1, who often already have concrete ideas which accessories have to decorate their children’s bike. These include funny banners, so motorists and parents can see the child better. Furthermore, there is handlebar bags, Ping and more to “pimp” the wheel.

Additional features of the Puky impeller LR1 BR

The Puky impeller LR1 BR is equipped with pneumatic tires on steel rims. The pneumatic tires provide just at slightly faster-paced tours for comfortable suspension and protects the spine. Since larger children are quite capable, the Lauflernrad not easy to throw, the Puky Lauflernrad has a stand. This is relatively far back mounted so that it does not interfere with driving and the children can not remain so quickly connected with the legs on it. The Lauflernrad is also available in a version without brake and in different colors! Particularly well received have with us home the Lillifee and Capt’n Sharky model found.

Puky Bicycle color overview

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