Kids' Bikes / Puky Wutsch test – my first Puky learner bike review

Puky Wutsch test – my first Puky learner bike review

Puky Wutsch test – my first Puky


A wheel on four wheels for wheel dwarfs who can not wait!

The Puky Wutsch Test

By running cycling children can start from about 2 to 2.5 years, because they are motorized fit enough to balance the impeller can. For the smallest Puky has developed the Wutsch. The rider is suitable from about 1.5 years, and 80 cm in height, the ideal precursor to an impeller and for children. The Puky Wutsch is so light 2.7 kg that he would well gehandlet also of very small drivers can. Our goddaughter has aged about 15 months to Wutsch of us gifted and immediately found pleasure. She could already run sure they got the hang of the rider quickly out.

Puky Puky Wutsch or Pukylino – where is the difference?

Those who deal with the Puky Wutsch encounters usually also on the similar Pukylino. The Wutsch and Pukylino differ at first glance not much, have yet to have differences. While the former is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the use of Pukylino confined to the flat indoor area. When Wutsch the manufacturer has installed an oscillating axle, thus helping to bring the rider on a different geometry than the submitting Pukylino. By-called swing axle he trains in addition to the steering and leg movements ideal balance its small driver.

The Wutsch – equipment, ergonomics and driving report

The rider is very high quality in spite of its low weight. The saddle has an ergonomic shape and appears to be quite comfortable, as our godchild has often sat on relatively long. Since the saddle height is very low at about 24 cm, there were no problems when mounting, dismounting.

product details
Weight: ca. 2,7kg
Dimensions: about 58 x 28 cm
Saddle height: about 24 cm (not adjustable)
Brake: No
stand: No

It was very important to us that the rider has a firm footing and can not tip forward.We can report from personal experience that the Puky is super stable and not once tilted forward with our little ones. Front features the “Lauflernrad” via the aforementioned swing axle, which teaches balance Kleine. Therefore, the Puky makes a perfect exercise for later impeller.

Positive we noticed that the vehicle is equipped with 4 soft foam wheels which are pleasantly quiet even on tile and laminate. The steering is equipped with extra-padded safety handles, so as to provide for the necessary security. Even the look of us Streaker really liked. It is available in all the classic colors: red, pink, ocean blue and red.

classic red lovely pink oceanblau kiwi green
More details More details More details More details

Conclusion for Puky Wutsch test:

The Puky Wutsch is an impeller precursor, preparing lots of fun driving the small children. The rider is processed very quiet, solid and despite its light weight a very secure footing.

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