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Pulse Watch Comparison 2019

We present you the best heart rate monitors on our test and comparison portal

Not only professional athletes use heart rate monitors to have more control during training. The small pulse watches are also becoming increasingly popular for evening jogging. Which type of watch is the best and what such a watch should still be able to do? Opinions differ.

We therefore introduce you to the most common types of heart rate monitors and explain the advantages and disadvantages of functions such as GPS positioning or app support. We will also tell you what pulse watch tests say about current models and how accurate the different measurement variants really are.

Purchase advice for pulse watch test or comparison: We help you to find your pulse watch test winner!

Heart rate monitors measure your own heart rate and are not only used by athletes. The collective term also includes nurse heart rate monitors, which, however, have little to do with electronic heart rate monitors.

There are different additional functions and designs. Men’s heart rate monitors and women’s heart rate monitors differ, however, only in their appearance.

Pulse watches with GPS positioning are popular, but not always useful. In pulse watch tests only small differences in the accuracy of the different measuring methods of pulse watches could be determined.

pulse watch

If you are fond of buying a heart rate monitor, then you should ask yourself a few questions beforehand. Not only the intended use is important to find the best heart rate monitor for you. It’s also the way you measure your heart rate. What speaks for and against a heart rate monitor without a chest strap, for example, can be found in our guidebook.

With our tips and hints, the purchase decision will be easier for you afterwards. We will also tell you what heart rate monitors cost and which functions actually make sense.


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