Child Bike Trailers / Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid bicycle trailer in the test

Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid bicycle trailer in the test

Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid bike trailer tested

Type Children’s trailer
brand Qeridoo
Testnote GOOD (1.7)

Test report Qeridoo Jumbo 1 bicycle trailer

Overview of the Qeridoo Jumbo 1 bicycle trailer

Qeridoo-Jumbo-1-sidewaysWith the Jumbo 1 Kid has Qeridoo in 2015 brought a revised bike trailer for transporting children to the market that the points and security functions offers everything a parent wants. A special highlight is the buggy kit included in the sales price. The stroller wheel can be locked by locking function so the Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid bike trailer can also be used as a jogger. Since 2006, Qeridoo has been developing and producing bicycle trailers for the transport of children, pets and loads. It is known the brand for a lush delivery and an excellent price-performance ratio . The fact that lower prices does not have to mean equally poor quality is demonstrated by the company’s latest award. In the category “Mobility with a Bicycle for Young Families”, Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid received the Victory Mendium from the City of Gdansk.

Scope of delivery and first impression of the Qeridoo Jumbo 1 bicycle trailer

Qeridoo-Jumbo-1 delivery scopeThe Jumbo 1 Kid comes in a handy carton with the dimensions 35cm x 57cm x 113cm and a weight of 19.5 kg. The space consumption in the packaged state is not very high, so the trailer can easily be accepted by everyone. Our broad range of Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid bike trailersuggests his versatile. At first glance, many small parts can be seen, which allow a longer start-up. The delivery of the Queridoo Jumbo 1 Kid includes, in addition to the collapsed passenger compartment, two 20-inch wheels with pneumatic tires and a second-hand lowering bar, which connects the bicycle trailer to the bike by means of the trailer coupling provided. The multifunctional buggy wheel incl. Quick release is included for use as a baby carriage, buggy or jogger. In addition to the axle with leaf suspension, the carton also includes an adjustable push handle with a parking brake. A brake cable connects these two elements. Furthermore, two design screens, two wheel deflectors, a sun sail with Velcro fastener, a padded headrest, a pennant and sufficient fastening material are attached to the delivery. A set-up guide completes the scope of delivery. All parts operate properly processed t and make the trailer visually appealing .

Commissioning of the Qeridoo Jumbo 1 bicycle trailer

Qeridoo-Jumbo-1-raeder mountThe enclosed instructions for use provide detailed information on the assembly of the Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid. This is necessary in any case, in order not to lose sight of the view. Color images represent individual steps, and brief instructions guide you through the entire process. To thebike trailer needs to make roadworthy be opened first frame. This worked in our test very well. It is then necessary to mount the axle on the floor with the screws supplied. For all steps, we recommend to use the instructions to avoid errors.



Qeridoo-Jumbo-1-deficient processingWe needed fingertip sensation with the design covers and the two wheel deflectors. Since the thread was not processed properly and the screws were difficult to turn. There was a point deduction for missing tool, we missed it completely, so we had to take back our own. Two different Allen wrenches, as well as a cross screwdriver, are required for this. The mounting of the push handle including the parking brake is very simple.The mounting of the tiller just seemed to be, as we have some Qeridoo models had in our test. However, it was time for desperation, because the holes in the aluminum pole not worked clean were and the external thread of the screw has been driven into it by force. The assembly partly reminded me of the assembly of the IKEA-BILLY-shelf, since we left two screws. The time required of 35 minutes is the highest value of our entire test and a little bit of the anticipation.



Qeridoo Jumbo 1 bicycle trailer in the Praxistest

Qeridoo-Jumbo-1-mount-on-bicycleIn contrast to start the installation from takes Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid on bicycle a few minutes. For this, the trailer coupling supplied is attached to the rear wheel hub of the towing vehicle. Subsequently, the coupling is pushed into the drawbar tube with spring element and is locked with a securing bolt. The connection made an on us stable impression .Numerous safety belts increased the confidence in the design. We would advise you to dismantle the clutch after every bike trailer tour, as this is a little out of the way and offers a risk of injury. In the extra-wide interior, a child weighs up to 18 kg. Thanks to the height-adjustable headrest and shoulder straps, the child can be placed firmly.


Qeridoo-Jumbo-1-tireThe significant weight of Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid bicycle trailer of 16.3 kg makes during starting and accelerating noticeable. The resulting pulling forces act on the rear axle of the bicycle and make any advance more difficult. This light to medium pull on the rear wheel we could during the entire test ride with a comparatively low test weight of nine kilograms perceive. The Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid convinced us in terms of maneuverability and driving behavior. The width of the bicycle trailer is selected in such a way that driving is possible without frequent inspection. The bike trailer can be precise steering around corners and reached in our practical test even the tightest turning circle. Thanks to the narrow construction of only 76cm, further traffic participants remain unaffected. Thus, the trailer is ideally suited for city trips. There were no complaints at the curbs and descents. The handy bicycles had enough grip and managed every cock, no matter whether it was approached frontally or laterally.


Qeridoo jumbo-1 stonesDifficult flooring as Kopfsteinpglaster presented for Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid is not a problem. Thanks to the individually adjustable suspension is even guaranteed in complex stretches a comfortable ride. Built leaf suspension reduces vibrations in the interior to a minimum. This result was obtained from the vibration sensor, which was mounted inside the bicycle trailer. Flexibly adjustable backrest increases comfort and relieves the child’s spine. The Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid Bike Trailer absorbed both on paved bike paths, as well as on gravel roads all ground unevenness .The fine-meshed mosquito net protects the fellow travelers from flying pebbles. The rain protection can be rolled down in case of heavy dust development to provide additional protection. Air slits on the sides and back provide the traveler with sufficient fresh air in such cases, avoiding heat build-up.


Qeridoo-Jumbo-1-on-meadowLarge wheels and enormous ground clearance certify the Qeridoo Jumbo 1 kid a perfect use on forest and hiking trails. In our test the use on such routes was unfortunately only conditionally possible, because the trailer because of its weight demanded an increased expenditure of force. Unfortunately, the strengths of this child-bicycle trailer are definitely not downhill. But if you want now and then take a gentle meadows or forest tour, is the Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid have fun. Among other things, numerous storage facilities, such as the enormous storage space in the rear part of the trailer, directly behind the backrest ensure this. A large access facilitates the loading of bulky parts. Small things can easily be organized in both pockets at the rear.


Qeridoo-Jumbo-1-buggy wheelThe Qeridoo Jumbo 1 Kid bike trailer is complete for use as buggydesigned. The buggy wheel can be installed easily and quickly on the bow of the trailer. The use as buggy worked very well in the Praxistest. The bicycle trailer could be controlled well and very agile around obstacles around. Thanks to huge bicycles, staircases on and off did not present any major problems, but the weight was clearly noticeable. In general, we found the conversion to be commendable, since the drawbar can be fixed by simple flipping on the floor. Thus, it does not have to be removed completely and remains permanently on the bicycle trailer. For jogging the front wheel should be fixed by means of a red button. Then there is nothing to stop you from walking comfortably. The Qeridoo is best served with simple, asphalted trails. From jogging on bumpy and incrusting ground, we advise, since the front wheel is somewhat too small and has clear problems. The parking brake on the handgrip functions reliably and provides a secure hold at rest. Unfortunately, the trailer can not be braked on the slope, but only fulfills the function of a handbrake.


Qeridoo-Jumbo-1-in-trunk spaceFolded together with unmounted wheels, the Qeridoo jumbo 1 Kid fits perfectly into the trunk of a mid-class sedan. Compact fold size of just 40cm x 58cm x 114cm allows even more additional luggage, such as a medium travel bag. In case of non-use, the novice can be stored in the cellar in a closed condition or stored in narrow corridors and staircases in a space-saving manner. In addition, the fold-down pushbuckle creates a straight shut-off edge and allows for a secure stand.




Qeridoo Jumbo 1 bicycle trailer

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Test result in detail

Driving behavior Note: 1.7
Comfort: 1.8
Handling Rating: 2.0
Security Rating: 1.4
Processing: 2.3
Overall Rating:

Qeridoo Jumbo 1 bicycle trailer photo gallery

Qeridoo Jumbo 1 bicycle trailer coming soon

model Jumbo 1 Kid
Seating For 1 child
Dimensions constructed (L x W x H) 108 x 75 x 99 cm
Dimensions folded (L x W x H) 110 x 59 x 40 cm
own weight 16.3 kg
Maximum payload 22 kg
wheel size 20 inches (50.8 cm)
trailer hitch (Axis)
application areas City travel, land travel, gravel roads, forest drives, Stock & Stein
safety Variable belt system, parking brake, rollover protection,
reflectors, flag / pennant, reinforced base
Comfort Adjustable push handle, storage / luggage bags,
interior upholstery, UV sun protection, wind protection,
rain protection, inlets for air circulation, suspension

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