Child Bike Trailers / Qeridoo® KidGoo 1 Children’s Trailer | Bicycle trailer test 2016

Qeridoo® KidGoo 1 Children’s Trailer | Bicycle trailer test 2016

Qeridoo® KidGoo 1 children’s trailer

Type Children’s trailer
brand Qeridoo
Review GOOD (2.0)

Test report Qeridoo® KidGoo 1 bicycle trailer

 Overview of the Qeridoo® KidGoo 1



The Qeridoo KidGoo1 lets you and your child have fun


The Qeridoo KidGoo1 convinces. More must not be said. With high quality and well thought-out design, he convinces both sport-loving parents and safety-conscious everyday drivers. It should be emphasized that a very satisfactory compatibility with children’s seats was ensured. In the KidGoo1, a child car seat can be used by both Qeridoo and MaxiCosi. So the KidGoo1 is also something for the «very little». This gives the model a great advantage compared to other cars. In addition, the model features a low center of gravity and a sporty dynamic. An attachable buggy wheel is included as an option. If you are traveling with your child on the bike or on foot, the Qeridoo is very good. In our practice test, we were able to see the very good functioning disc brakes, which can be activated by handbrake when pushing. A great stability and an individually adjustable suspension allow for fun while cycling. There is no need to worry about lack of security. All in all, the Qeridoo KidGoo1 will not leave any parents in the lurch and provides fun on every padding for both you and your small rider!



The delivery is absolutely satisfying and leaves nothing to be desired


Qeridoo is supplied with many other brands. Thus, many details are provided which are not absolutely necessary. This proves that the manufacturer is striving for an optimal bicycle trailer. For example, the tire protec- tion is included in the tread or the treads for better entry and exit. The buggy wheel is now a must, even if it could have been designed better in this case. But more about the topic «buggy». The headrest that can be used is also a successful equipment.


The design of the KidGoo1 is based on the lego principle. This has the advantage that all parts should be interchangeable should be broken or wear should have claimed its victims. But do not worry, even after long-term use, our practice test showed that the brakes, the tires and the seat made no signs to tire.


The wheel must simply be placed on the axle


The complete car rests more or less on a click system. For example, the wheels with the hard plastic end simply have to be pressed onto the axle at the respective disc brake. A kind of gear principle provides a secure anchorage and the braking force is transmitted to the wheel without loss of power.


The push handle is attached with a supplied screw on both sides


The sliding handle is attached to the respective side with two screws, allowing two adjustable joints. Once the attachment can be loosened like a saddle and can even be used as an override bar. Secondly, the height of the push handle can be adjusted by means of the large «push» button. The height is very flexible and optimally adjustable for every body size.


The brake is connected to the brake hose


The connection of the disc brake and the handbrake is also easy to produce. So only the most important connection is missing. The bike.


Two screws and a safety belt do not allow tearing


The mounting of the connection axles is also simple but at the same time secure. On the trailer, the rod is fastened with two screws at the bottom of the car. On the bicycle is not only the screw pulled through the bicycle frame, it is also worked with a seatbelt. With a pin attached to it, the screws are unscrewed and, when the load is too much, ensures the necessary stabilization. For the assembly of the weather protection we come to the topic «quality».

 Praxistest & Driving


In the Praxistest it is mainly the brakes and the tires


As with all other tires, the ride comfort is mainly determined by the suspension and the tire quality. So also with the Qeridoo KidGoo1. In this case, it is noticeable that the brakes can be adapted individually to the passenger before the journey. In order to avoid floating backwards and forwards when the load is too low, or to feel any stone when the load is too great, the suspension is adjusted to kilo.This ensures optimum driving pleasure. For us, this was evident in many rides, during which our small rider fell into a deep sleep after only a short time. This was certainly due to the tires. The ball-bearing 20-inch aluminum spoke rims are equipped with air-filled rubber tires, which also cushion jolts. In addition, the car is extremely easy to pull. All in all, the car has a great center of gravity thanks to its low center of gravity and the aluminum frame. Without problems, mothers can take their child with them. The curves are also no problem due to an axis length of 73 cm. Soft and without great effort can also be braked. Of course, you have to get used to the new braking feeling, after all, you have to stop more mass. But the connecting rod between bike and trailer gives you a clear feeling between you and the car.



The buggy wheel fulfills its purpose, but is a bit small


The driving comfort of the buggy is generally good, but to our taste the wheel is a bit too small. On a smooth surface this is not to be felt, the air-ripened wheel runs well. However, on rough surfaces such as gravel or slightly higher grass, the wheel is sometimes slightly transverse and the pushing is made more difficult. With a wheel similar to the rear wheels would probably not be the case. However, this would raise the price, with the existing wheel a good solution was found. This problem is specifically counteracted, in particular, by the walken function. Fixing the wheel makes it easier to push it, but when you turn, the car has to be lifted. In addition, it is primarily intended to serve as a bicycle trailer.

convertible top


The soft top offers the right combination for every situation


The soft top leaves almost no wishes open on all four sides. Thus, it is possible to switch between four stages depending on the position. Open, insect protection, sun protection and rain protection. For heavy and long-lasting rain, the manufacturer recommends an additional rain cover, but our practice tests do not show any deficiencies in the rain. The sun protection can be adjusted with a Velcro fastener in the length and thus adapted to the sun.



Two large pockets are optionally available at the back of the car


The rear can also be chosen between rain protection or an open window, which ensures good air circulation. Optionally a large flap can be attached, which offers two additional pockets.

Quality & Security

With the soft top we would then be on the subject of «quality». While the soft top does not show any defects, the inside of the car can also be seen.


A 5-point harness and headrest ensure quality and safety


In every child’s seat, where safety is mentioned, a 5-point harness is required, which of course is also available with this model. The headrest, which can be folded up on the sides, also ensures a fixed position of the head. A drop out or injury is thus excluded. The quality of the seat makes us happy. Highly durable polyester fibers make the cover of the child seat very tear resistant and can be easily washed with water with dirt. Your child will feel comfortable in the seat.


The baby seat for added safety

What surprised us positively, was the accessories for toddlers which one can order.


This storage room is located directly behind the seat


In addition, the KidGoo1 offers behind the seat suitable storage space for purchases or all necessary things for a nice bike trip.Separated by an aluminum frame, your child will not feel anything in the back. The quality is noticeable and can be recognized in many places. The included safety flag is included in the delivery. Furthermore, front and side reflectors are processed in the convertible top and light reflectors ( «cat eyes») are located at the rear of the car. From all sides, the car is seen well at night.

Optinal accessories


The Qeridoo KidGoo1 comes with everything a bike trailer needs to bring along. Quality, safety and dynamism. A great driving feeling allows both fathers and mothers to ride comfortably with the car as a trailer. In addition, the child can travel comfortably with the aid of sufficient ventilation, the combination hood and the successful leaf spring system. If you absolutely want to find a spot, then it is the buggy wheel, which strikes on heavier grounds sometimes something. This is however whining at a very high level. Because at a price of around 600 €, he also has the desired price / performance ratio. The price is definitely fair. All in all, every parents will look for the necessary sportiness with the KidGoo1 its fun. And your little ones certainly too!

Qeridoo® KidGoo 1 bicycle trailer

The Qeridoo® KidGoo 1 is an all-round bike trailer with many applications and extensions. With the rich accessories, the buyer can assemble an individual trailer.Who should buy the Qeridoo® KidGoo 1?

This model is aimed at athletic parents who are looking for the extreme from time to time and who place great emphasis on design, technology, workmanship and materials. The Qeridoo® KidGoo 1 is intended for regular long-term use, whether in the city or in the country.

Test result in detail

Driving behavior Note: 1.9
Comfort: 2.0
Handling Rating: 2,1
Security Note: 2.0
Processing Note: 2.0
Overall Rating: 2.0

 Qeridoo® KidGoo 1 bicycle trailer in brief

model Qeridoo® KidGoo 1
Seating For 1 child
Dimensions constructed (L x W x H) 122 x 70 x 110 cm
Dimensions folded (L x W x H) 109 x 61 x 27 cm
own weight 13.5 kg
Maximum payload 34 kg
wheel size 20 inches (50.8 cm)
trailer hitch (Axis)
application areas City travel, land travel, gravel roads, forest drives, Stock & Stein
safety Variable belt system, parking brake, rollover protection,
reflectors, flag / pennant, disc brake
Comfort Steel suspension, adjustable pushing handle, storage / luggage bags,
interior upholstery, UV sun protection, wind protection,
rain protection, inlets for air circulation, headrests,
sleeping, side supports
  • 1 x Thule Chariot CX1 passenger compartment
  • 2 x bicycles
  • 1 x aluminum drawbar
  • 1 x trailer coupling
  • 1 x parking brake
  • 1 x quick release
  • 1 x padded push handle
  • 1 x safety pennant
  • 4 x cat eyes
  • 2 x white reflectors
  • 2 x red reflectors
  • 1 x operation manual

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