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Qeridoo Speedkid 2

The Qeridoo Speedkid 2 presents itself in 2014 with entirely new features.This affordable model for one or two children has much to offer, and is a great option for summer fun bike.

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger qeridoo-speedkid-2The Speedkid 2 makes a very stable impression. On Amazon the inputs is to have up to two-seater for about 390 €. Its multifunctionality is very compelling for the price. Namely, it can be used not only for bicycling as a pendant but also as a jogger for daily fitness program. The Speedkid 2 is available in blue or green.The Qeridoo brand is still a young brand that has gained in recent years of notoriety. We have taken the child bike trailer for you all under the microscope.

What can he all?

The Speedkid 2 is an all-rounder. The aluminum bike trailer model is suitable for everyday use as well as a bicycle day trip. The suspension stands as well as in its smaller sister, the Qeridoo Sportrex 1 , particularly apparent. Thanks to the new FX-folding system the trailer is built in zero-comma-nothing. Once standing, it can be either coupled as a bicycle trailer or quickly rebuilt with the jogger for joggers. Naturally the Speedkid 2 all safety standards by the 5-point harness, adjustable suspension, reinforced floor and seating area, gentle back support system in order to spare the back of your child.

We have built the Qeridoo Speedkid 2 and tested for you



With a few simple steps, the items are unpacked quickly. The trailer is met when opening a minimal plastic odor – the tires are usually reason. Do not worry, this is normal. Tip: Leave the trailer aired a few days before first.

Thanks to the FX folding system the trailer is connected to only one handle.

The instructions are as we have already observed in Sportrex 1 bit confusing written with spelling and grammar errors. However, this is not disturbing because the remaining structure is easy.

To build you also need a standard allen with a craft knife, these tools are of course not included.

As with the single-seater, the mounting of the handle is somewhat cumbersome. The screw caps (aluminum to aluminum) are not as elegantly solved as quickly cause scratches on the frame. We do not need to disassemble every day. But the handle is easy to maintain and height adjustable.

The mounting of the tiller is straightforward and fits any bike. Attaching the Joggerrads is solved with a quick release, which is very convenient. Simply fold down (super easy!), Jogger off the pole and finished.

The Speedkid has installed the canopy under which is much less time consuming to build.Thereby, the top is fundamentally tight and stable. Now just plug safety flag, hook and pillows to the correct height, roll up ventilation window, buckle up children and go.

If the safe?

The manufacturer used only materials are the low-pollution. The strict guidelines and independent controls ensure that the pollutant limit is not exceeded, it guarantees Qeridoo.

Since this year, the aluminum frame contains enhanced support for additional protection.

The handle is in an accident as a rollover bar, which has become standard in most bicycle trailer.

With the low center of gravity of the trailer, the drop is almost ruled out, even if your bike is already on the ground, the trailer stops.

The 5-point harness is properly in accordance with ECE 44/03 and §67 StVZO.

Always ask yourself when buying a child’s bicycle trailer wherever you want to go with it? The Speedkid has an integrated metal bearing Federung- which is not only back Easy on your child but affects the entire ride – also with gravel.


The parking brake should be handled much more stable and easier compared to Qeridoo seater.

All followers of Qeridoo perish the Safety European Standard 15918th

The Speedkid 2 comes with a safety flag, two reflectors for back and front and reflective material for 100% visibility. However, we always recommend: Accessorise it still additionally with LEDs from the bicycle trailer.


Luxury car or clunker?

The materials for the price perfectly fine, the seams see stable and since this year also reinforced materials have been incorporated into the reference. Compared to the more expensive children’s bike trailers you can already see a difference of course.

The trunk has a top indentation tangible that is made for your handbag or shopping bag. In addition, below two sewn pockets. With a total of 45 L there is enough space for the toy of their little ones.

The interior cabin is spacious and adequate for two children. It meets all the standards. The upholstery is made up some ground and strengthened new, but we find it does not stands out as the most comfortable seating facilities. However, the adjustable suspension and the chair back with ventilation system balances the comfort again.

And the driving experience?


The ride features the jogger with its maneuverability especially good.The trailer has in the price level, however, not hand brake, but can be retrofitted including luftbereiftem jogger. Since the jogger included in the price in terms of quality does not show his best side, the retrofitting with regular jogging or inline skating is definitely worth.

The driving experience cuts in the test of the trailer very well. Even with gravel or smaller ground roots of the bicycle trailer is thanks to its suspension hardly noticeable. Despite the 13.9 kg of the trailer has hardly draft effect. The frame width is of course wider because of the two-seater.

The pedestrian came to us when cycling a little too close to what causes at about tight bends the rear wheel of the bicycle abuts the drawbar. However, for 90 degree bends it just fine.


Keeps the well for a while?

The first impression everything seems solid and ok processed. The quality of the fabric material can of course not compete with the more expensive models of Chariot, but it must start in the price range. A few points deduction, visit the Jogger Wheel. This is a full rubber wheel which acts a little shaky in our opinion. (As mentioned above, this can be retrofitted.)

What do I get for the price?

Here you make a quality bargain. The Speedkid 2 is a true all-rounder and also is wonderfully stable on the road. He has a very wide range of functions, including all functional parts for the price. The new features can really be seen, such as the vent for the hot summer. Thanks to the shock absorber steals the Speedkid 2 the related trailer almost the show. The Qeridoo Speedkid 2 is thus a good and cheaper alternative for Croozer Kid for. 2


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“The trailer let themselves easily ride the bicycle. It was all this, you need to be equal to drive off … “Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total  4/5
functionality    5/5
safety    4/5
Comfort    4/5
Price-performance    5/5
processing    3/5
maneuverability    4/5


  • Stable and reliable bike trailer
  • Including accessories
  • Push handle as a “roll bar”, height adjustable
  • Metal bearing suspension
  • Unbeatable price / performance ratio
  • FX folding system (with a movement collapsed)
  • ventilation system


  • Cheap quality of the buggy wheel
  • Something to short drawbar
  • Cheap quality of the buggy wheel (may however luftbereiftem jogger including handbrake be upgraded.)
  • Inadequate instructions
  • Frumpy handlebar attachment
  • Plan covering not 100% rainproof (however, here to buy)


Attention here is sprung! The Qeridoo Speedkid 2 is a great and at the same discount model. The processing is satisfactory for the price and with suspension he just a great ride.

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Technical specifications

seating 1-2
L x W x H (base with handle) 104 x 89 x 113 cm
L x W x H (folded, excluding handlebar and wheels) 25 x 71 x 94 cm
handle height 107/93 cm
Maximum shoulder width 62 cm
Seat height (seat to the roof) 76 cm
Legroom (backrest to the abutting edge) 55 cm
Storage space (rear) 45 L
Weight (Base, with handle) 13.5 kg
maximum weight allowed 60 kg
wheel size 20 “
jogger 9 “

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