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Qeridoo Sportrex 1

The Qeridoo Sportrex 1 has been completely overhauled, 2014. It represents a low-cost model, feature-rich for summer cycling fun for the whole family.

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger qeridoo-sportrex-1The Sportrex 1 makes a solid impression. For € 350 the bike trailer is for a child at Amazon to have this.The trailer can be quickly converted for jogging in the nearby park. If you buy all the necessary attachments are sent. We have taken the child bike trailer for it very closely examined. Available the Sportrex 1 way in blue or green. The Qeridoo brand is still a relatively young brand, which has gained in recent years of notoriety.

What can he all?

The Sportrex 1 is an aluminum bike trailer model (stainless) for everyday life as well as a bicycle day trip suitable. With his suspension he scores enormous for the price. In a few minutes the trailer is converted into a jogger. In addition, the Sportrex 1 ensures enough room Comfort so your child has plenty of seating freedom. Of course, the Sportrex meets all safety standards by the 5-point harness, suspension, reinforced floor and seating area and the gentle back support system to protect your child’s back.

We have the Qeridoo Sportrex 1 built and tested for you



Upon opening the package came to meet us a slight smell of plastic that is however observed for most bicycle trailers (reason are usually the tires).

Tip: Leave the trailer aired a few days before first. The items are unpacked quickly and with a handle, thanks to the FX folding system, the frame is like a one.

The instructions of the trailer is useful in building, but obviously not “Made in Germany”. That bothers but build not particularly, because, for example, the child’s bicycle and Joggerradmontage.No additional tools resolved, therefore you get beforehand an Allen Size “IKEA” and a craft knife.

The mounting of the handle is somewhat cumbersome and is not the most elegant solution (aluminum to aluminum), as quickly scratches on the frame formed. For the attachment is thus easily maintainable and height adjustable. Daily and unscrew but would rather annoy us!

The attachment of the shaft and coupling is really fast – as it is known from other models. Very pleasant we found the angled coupling to the bicycle.

The attachment of the hood is done quickly, although the step in the manual are not described. Tip: Bring the hood before fitting the handle, otherwise you have to unscrew the whole again.

Now just plug safety flag, hook and pillows to the right height and get going.

If the safe?

In Qeridoo all materials used are tested before production and also examined by pollutants. The strict guidelines and independent controls guarantee that the pollutant limit is not exceeded, it guarantees Qeridoo.

The stainless aluminum frame includes enhanced support for additional protection. The handle is in an accident as a rollover bar, which has become standard in most bicycle trailer. With the low center of gravity (+ suspension) of the trailer is almost ruled out the drop, even if your bike is already on the ground, the trailer stops.

The 5-point harness is properly in accordance with ECE 44/03 and §67 StVZO.

When buying a child’s bicycle trailer, you should always ask where I’m going with the trailer? The Sportrex 1 has an integrated suspension that can be adjusted depending on the weight – which is not only back Easy on your child but affects the entire ride – also with gravel.

brakeThe parking brake is a little shaky as we see, but it serves its purpose in infants sufficient and is not self-evident in this price range.

All followers of Qeridoo perish the Safety European Standard 15918th The Sportrex 1 comes with a safety flag, two reflectors for back and front and reflective material for 100% visibility. However, we always recommend: Accessorise it still additionally with LEDs from the bicycle trailer.

Luxury car or clunker?

The materials are fully justified for the price, although you can see a difference to the more expensive brands of course. The trunk has unfortunately laterally incorporated something much material that sandbox toys can fall out before. The interior cabin is spacious, and meets all standards. A Weber Baby Seat has just enough space. The upholstery is made up some ground and strengthened new, but we find they’re not distinguished as the most comfortable seating facilities. However, the suspension and the chair back with ventilation system balances the comfort again.

And the driving experience?

suspensionWhile testing the bicycle trailer the Sportrex 1 scores with its very gentle ride (thanks to the suspension).The trailer is hardly noticeable, despite its 13.9 kg curb weight and has no adverse draft effect. Because the interior is very comfortable, covered the width of the trailer, of course, a bit bigger. The pedestrian came to us while driving sometimes just before, which results in that too tight corners the rear wheel of the bicycle and the pedestrian encounters. However, for 90 degree bends it just fine. The Jogger function is kept quite simple, but served its purpose for the occasional application. The maneuverability is 1A! However, the trailer has in the price level (of course) no handbrake.

Keeps the well for a while?

Regarding the processing, we give the bicycle trailer rather a Medium rating. The first impression everything seems solid. The quality of the fabric material can not keep up with Chariot, but it must start in the price range. A pair of points deduction, visit the Jogger Wheel. This is a full rubber wheel which looks a bit shaky. The can for 29.99 € with a luftbereiftem jogger including handbrakebe upgraded.

What do I get for the price?

The value for money is totally. For the price you can find a few children’s bike trailer as much functionality as have the Sportrex 1. It is safe on the road and has a super ride. Besides, he is a good and cheap alternative to Croozer, Processed slightly worse in comparison, but it scores highest with shock absorbers and lower price.


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“After a long search and compare (our main criteria was suspension) in the lower price segment this has become our favorite.”– Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total  4/5
functionality    4/5
safety    5/5
Comfort    4/5
Price-performance    5/5
processing    3/5
maneuverability    4/5


  • Stable and reliable bike trailer
  • Including accessories
  • Push handle as a “roll bar”, height adjustable
  • Metal bearing suspension
  • Unbeatable price / performance ratio
  • FX-folding system (with a movement collapsed)


  • Frumpy handlebar attachment
  • Cheap quality of the buggy wheel (may however luftbereiftem jogger including handbrake be upgraded.)
  • Something short drawbar
  • Plan covering not 100% rainproof (however, here to buy)


Croozer beware! The Qeridoo Sportrex 1 is a great, cheaper alternative.Most he scores a comfortable bicycle trailer – the joggers function is more mediocrity.

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Technical specifications

seating 1
L x W x H (base with handle) 93 x 77 x 115 cm
L x W x H (folded, excluding handlebar and wheels) 25 x 60 x 112 cm
handle height 107/93 cm
Maximum shoulder width 55 cm
Seat height (seat to the roof) 73 cm
Legroom (backrest to the abutting edge) 56 cm
Storage space (rear) 30 L
Weight (Base, with handle) 13.9 kg
maximum weight allowed 45 kg
wheel size 20 “
jogger 10 “

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