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Child Bike Trailers / Queryoo KidGoo 2 bike trailer in test Bicycle trailer test 2016

Queryoo KidGoo 2 bike trailer in test Bicycle trailer test 2016

Queridoo KidGoo 2 bike trailer in the test

Type Children’s trailer
brand Qeridoo
Testnote GOOD (1.5)

Review Qeridoo® KidGoo 2

 Overview for Qeridoo® KidGoo 2


                                                                                                       The Qeridoo KidGoo2 offers plenty of space

Already at first sight it becomes clear, in which the Qeridoo® KidGoo 2 differs from its small brother, the KidGoo1. With a width of 12 cm, thus a total width of 85 cm, the model offers space for two children next to each other. Without sacrificing quality or safety, this is the ideal solution for parents of twins, near siblings, or simply for trips with several small children. Due to the light aluminum frame and the low center of gravity it does not make the pulling of the car much more difficult. Similar to the KidGoo1, the sleek dynamic creates a great combination of comfort and sportiness. Our practice test convinced all participants of the KidGoo2, both as a trailer and as a buggy. The function to use the trailer as a load carrier, however, we only tested for a short time. To do this, the rear part of the car must be removed and one can easily transport various elements with a bicycle. The same high standard of Qeridoo with regard to bicycle trailers is confirmed again with this model. The quality of the chassis, including disc brake, leaf suspension and ball-bearing rims, ensures a pleasant, fun-loving driving feeling. Go with your little ones on great excursions without stress or comfort loss.

Scope of delivery of the Qeridoo® KidGoo 2


                                                                                                    The delivery is absolutely satisfying and leaves nothing to be desired

Qeridoo is usually very generous compared to other manufacturers. Through the tire protection, the optional storage space at the back of the car and the footboards the company settles down. On the KidGoo2 two seats and two headrests are included in the order. Of course, there is also a buggy bike.

Commissioning of  Qeridoo® KidGoo 2

Qeridoo designs his bicycle trailers according to the lego principle. This means that parts can be exchanged easily in the event of a defect, without having to make any repairs or even to replace entire cars. This is also reflected in commissioning.


                                                                                                  The push-button wheel mounting facilitates the construction enormously

The separately delivered wheels must simply be put on the axle without any effort. Hartplastik at the end of the respective element ensures 100 percent safety with a gear principle despite simple assembly. The rim also consists of pure aluminum, is rust-free and extremely light.


                                                                                                 The push handle offers more than the possibility to walk with the car

The push handle can be attached with a screw on each side. As can be seen in the picture, the screw is combined with a valve similar to a bicycle saddle. If the valve is loosened, the complete push handle can be placed over the roof of the trolley and thus functions as an override bar. On the big gray button the handle can be changed in the normal position. Thus, it can be adapted to any body size.



                                                                                            A safety belt connects the drawbar to the clutch in the bike

The bicycle drawbar is attached to the rear wheel suspension of the bike by means of a screw. The individual joints between the coupling and the drawbar are then connected to a safety belt and the screws are secured with a pin. This connection allows for a flexible joint which ensures that the car remains stationary, even if the bicycle should fall over.


                                                                                             The drawbar is also attached to the wagon with a screw and seatbelt

The attachment to the car works in the same way. So the drawbar just has to be screwed and the installation is finished. Fast, uncomplicated and safe.

 Practice Test & driving the  Qeridoo® KidGoo 2


                                                                                            At first glance, the KidGoo2 looks comfortable at the rear of the bike

In relation to the bike, the car looks heavy and tall, but with a height of «only» 93 cm and an acceptable width of 85 cm, the model is put back into the right light. 14 kg total weight also speak for a great constructed aluminum frame, which expresses compactness and sportiness. Due to the tires with 20 inches, starting with two children is not a big task, no matter who wants to pull the car.


                                                                                                   The thick tires make driving easier

Air ripening is one of the most important factors for a pleasant driving feeling for both you as a parent and your young riders. The innovative profile allows the car to adhere well to any surface and the thick tires cushion the first small strokes well.

The leaf suspension of the trolley then works against harder unevenness in the ground. In the following three pictures you will be able to see the two adjustable nodes of the suspension. To facilitate this, the settings on the suspension itself are titled with pictures and the associated weight indications. This means that depending on the occupant, the red wheel must be loosened and the plate placed in the correct position.


                                                                                                   The first setting is located behind the seat

The car has four different settings, from 0 — 9 kg up to the maximum load of a handsome 44 kg maximum weight.


                                                                                                   The second setting is under the seat

The second adjustable axis can be seen here photographed from the outside. In our opinion, the option of the adjustable suspension is very successful. First, because it is adjustable at all, second, because the process is very simple and fast. This fits the adjustment into the good overall picture.

Overall the driving style of the KidGoo2 was very pleasant. The width of the car initially gives rise to some doubts as to how to maneuver well, but after a short period of familiarization, one also has that under control. Our testers have quickly realized that the clutch has served its purpose and is flexible between the bicycle and the car. One must not be afraid that the drawbar affects the bicycle and possibly gets into trouble through the attached car. The braking is almost unaffected, apart from the fact that you have to brake more. However, the braking distance is not lengthened. Due to the lightweight construction, there is no great pressure on the bike when braking. The low center of gravity does not allow dangerous situations, even in the case of faster journeys, for example downhill. At each turn the car stays well on the road. Due to the air ripening also light gravel is no problem.



                                                                                                   D as buggy wheel is pivotable, but can also be found

Like its sibling model, the KidGoo1, the KidGoo2 has included an airy, small buggy wheel included. On normal surfaces such as asphalt, gravel or short lawn, the buggy wheel is absolutely sufficient. If, however, heavier subsoils such as higher grass, cobblestone pavement or coarse gravel are to be committed, the wheel sometimes sways. If this is too disturbing, the wheel can be fixed. This means it has to be raised to the cornering, but this is not a problem because of the light weight. On the picture are also easy to recognize the mountable footboards for better getting in and out.

convertible top

As can be seen in the initial picture, the KidGoo2 also has a variety of covers. This can be done once open, with insect protection, sun protection or even rain protection.

20160802_115202                                                                                                         The tear and hook and loop fasteners are cleanly processed and well protected from the weather

The great processing can be recognized in the picture. The zipper itself is located under the rain cover after closing and additionally the soft top is fixed with a Velcro fastener.


                                                                                                      The bags offer further Stauplatz

The back of the car can be equipped with bags. While the air circulation caused by the opening of the rear part of the car is affected by this, the additional storage space is extremely helpful during long journeys.

Quality & Security


                                                                                                      The seats do not pay for security

Although two adjoining seats look somewhat unusual, it can be seen directly that the belts are just as secure as with an individual. Two 5-point harnesses secure your children 100%. A backrest ensures a healthy posture and the headrests prevent the heads of the passengers from colliding. This has also been thought of in the interior.


                                                                                              A small bag can be used to store toys or similar items directly with your child

The KidGoo2 seat is made of durable polyester fibers, which are easy to wash off and are extremely tear resistant. Last but not least, it has to be said that security has also been conceived from the outside. Reflective side panels and light reflectors ( «cat eyes») at the rear of the trailer allow other people to recognize at an early stage that children are part of their journey. A safety flag makes it clear from a distance.


                                                                             The storage space behind the seat is secured by aluminum rods

A kind of crumple zone and at the same time storage space offers the frame construction behind the seat. It can be stowed away much without endangering safety.


The Qeridoo® KidGoo 2 convinces with clever design, lightness and functionality. It gives a great feeling for you and your children and has various sensible safety precautions. The buggy wheel is somewhat suboptimal, but this is only a very, very small factor, which should not affect your subjective rating. It remains a very good impression with which we can recommend the car to all parents with a good conscience. A price of about 600 € also leaves the performance ratio in a good light. The investment is worth it and will give you great excursions with the family or make the daily life with your little one enormous!

Qeridoo® KidGoo 2 bicycle trailer test result

The Qeridoo® KidGoo 2 is a completely successful bicycle trailer with many uses and extensions. With the rich accessories, the buyer can assemble an individual trailer.Who should buy the Qeridoo® KidGoo 2?

This model is aimed at athletic parents who are looking for the extreme from time to time and who place great emphasis on design, technology, workmanship and materials. The Qeridoo® KidGoo 2 is intended for regular long-term use, no matter whether. In the city or in the countryside

Test result in detail

Driving behavior Note: 1.9
Comfort: 1,5
Handling Rating: 1.7
Security Rating: 1.7
Processing: 1.7
Overall score: 1.7

 Qeridoo® KidGoo 2 bicycle trailer in brief

model Qeridoo® KidGoo 2
Seating For 1 child
Dimensions constructed (L x W x H) 122 x 70 x 110 cm
Dimensions folded (L x W x H) 109 x 61 x 27 cm
own weight 13.5 kg
Maximum payload 34 kg
wheel size 20 inches (50.8 cm)
trailer hitch (Axis)
application areas City travel, land travel, gravel roads, forest drives, Stock & Stein
safety Variable belt system, parking brake, rollover protection,
reflectors, flag / pennant, disc brake
Comfort Steel suspension, adjustable pushing handle, storage / luggage bags,
interior upholstery, UV sun protection, wind protection,
rain protection, inlets for air circulation, headrests,
sleeping, side supports
  • 1 x Thule Chariot CX1 passenger compartment
  • 2 x bicycles
  • 1 x aluminum drawbar
  • 1 x trailer coupling
  • 1 x parking brake
  • 1 x quick release
  • 1 x padded push handle
  • 1 x safety pennant
  • 4 x cat eyes
  • 2 x white reflectors
  • 2 x red reflectors
  • 1 x operation manual

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