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Red Cycling Products Eco LED USB lighting set black

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See and be seen — both are no problem with the USB lighting set from RCP! The high-quality, STVZO approved set can be mounted quickly and without tools on all standard handlebars and seatposts. The very bright LED front light radiates with a strength of 20 lux and is thus far more than just an emergency light. The LED rear light is also outstanding from the side thanks to its intelligent 3-D design. Once the universal brackets supplied are attached to your bike, the lights can be attached and removed in seconds. The bulbs are light and compact enough to keep them at all times. In addition, both lights are shipped with batteries. These can be charged quickly and easily, just like with your smartphone, via the provided USB cable. The nightly exits can come!


  • Front light with micro USB rechargeable
  • Rear light incl. 2x AAA batteries
  • Light front light 20 Lux
  • Easy to assemble


Front lights Type: 1 LED | Aperture: 20 Lux | Luminous flux: 75 lm | Lighting: 150 min
Backlights Type: 1 LED | Luminous flux: 2 lm | Light duration: 3300 min
Power source Battery / Battery
power supply Batteries available: yes | Batteries included: Yes yes | Charger included: yes
holder Assembly tool free
StVZO With StVZO approval
execution Lamp set red & white
Weight (g) 100 g
Model year 2016

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