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Red Cycling Products LED Headlight black

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LED headlights are a good invention in the everyday life of athletes, who still move at dusk, because the lamps are very energy-saving and offer a good light output with low weight. The RCP LED headlamp has a very bright 20 LUX LED diode. The brightness can be adjusted in several steps as required. And the lamp’s angle can also be individually adjusted according to the needs, so that a wider radius is illuminated when near-illuminated than in the case of long-distance illumination. The elastic band is adjustable so that the lamp finds good support on smaller and larger heads.


  • Can be adjusted for all head sizes
  • Brightness adjustable in several steps
  • Adjustable angle of light
  • Battery size standard: Micro (LR03 / AAA) 1.5 V
  • Model: LED Headlight


lamp Type: headlamp | Power Source: Battery
equipment Number of LEDs: 1
delivery Batteries
Model year 2016

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