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Red Loon T2 Child Bike Trailer

The Red Loon T2 child bike trailer for two children is a comparatively low-priced model. For little money great solidity, ease of assembly and optimum seating comfort is promised. Read on to find out whether this inexpensive child carrier can meet your requirements.

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger red-loon-t2We review for you today the Red Loon T2 child carrier for two children. Its main strength is the price of less than 100 €. For the quality of workmanship is very appealing, although at this price of course not luxury goods is expected. Unfortunately, there are no meaningful child bicycle trailer test of Stiftung Warentest or a similar organization for this model. That is why we want to use the experience of other buyers for the review of this model. Many families who use this trailer, complain about the crumpled front window.The vision for the children is correspondingly poor. In addition, the belt system is often criticized because it is hardly adjustable and only can safeguard children from the age of 18 months. But the car is quickly assembled and disassembled, and relatively stable. Contrasting it is decorated in red and black. He is not particularly flashy, but simple and chic.

What can he all?

The Red Loon T2 is a simple model with no particular bells and whistles. One can carry his children from A to B in the first place times. Most users praise the stability and resilience of the trailer. He is also often used to drive home purchases or the like. Overall, it is correspondingly simple construction not a luxury trailer, but the price. It is characterized by its functionality.Particular praise from the buyers of this pendant its user-friendliness. It can be assembled quickly and easily, and just as well fold again. The construction will only take about five minutes. The instructions are easy to understand, but also intuitively easy to understand the system. In addition, the trailer can be quickly folded into a very small package, which allows easy transportation for example in the car.

If the safe?

The wheels are not made of aluminum, but steel, but are stable and still run strong. is often criticized as mentioned the belt system, because it is not very good adjustable and is therefore suitable only for children from about 18 months. Caution is warranted. This information could not be recognized for parents before buying. You could check the trailer according to not use and had to wait until their child reached the appropriate size, to be transported safely. In addition, the material of which the trailer is not particularly high.Many customers criticize the vulnerability when wet.Already after 15 minutes the rain of trailers is usually wet and on the ground – that is, in the reinforced footwell – forms a puddle. So you should also invest in a rain protection you can span the trailer. Already included, however, is a safety flag.

Luxury car or clunker?

A luxury car, he is not sure, that is not to be expected at the price. But a jalopy he is not, but a stable, simple, functional model with certain weaknesses that can score with a neat value for money. How do you personally assess the car, of course, depends on your needs. How do you use the trailer and which routes it should move? If you are very active, regularly drive long distances and like traveling in the area, it is for you – and for us – certainly be worthwhile to invest a little more money to the little ones first, even more comfort as good visibility and decent suspension to offer and also to improve their own driving experience. For everyday wear this pendant is perfect, however, because it is easily fulfills its function and, moreover, to purchase for a very good price.This model works quite well as a second car, if you do not want to use the shop or burn on the daily commute to kindergarten your luxury car.

And the driving experience?

The trailer runs smoothly as long as you are not traveling in difficult terrain. he can easily overcome small hill in bad ground, the lack suspension makes itself noticeable. Just for the day with short distances in the city he is but easy to drive. Even larger tours he cleaned up easily if you are not looking forward to trekking paths go. Experience – then the journey for your kids to Holper is.

Keeps the well for a while?

The basic structure, ie frame, wheels etc., are well made and sturdy. The car can thus keep a few years. Officially you zuladen only 25 kilograms and not more than 15 km / h. Both policies are not often respected by buyers of this model, which had no adverse effects. So the child bike trailer holding a while and playing his prize loose again.

What do I get for the price?

In children bicycle trailer test would this model of classical function trailer. It is practical, does its job without any additional benefits. You can transport your children easily from A to B and does not have it particularly deep into their pockets. The trailer will cost less than 100 euros, making it one of the best models on the market. Accordingly one can not expect that everything is top. As mentioned making a purchase makes sense only if your child is minds least 18 months old, because it can not be saved from the inflexible harness before. Furthermore, an additional investment for a rain protection makes sense, because although the material is to be officially water-repellent, but the experience of the customer, that this is not in reality that way. Many parents impregnate the trailers. Another problem is the window front, which does not provide particularly good visibility for children. But if you are looking for a model that will cost little money and fulfills its function, they are well served with the Red Loon T2. He is running stably and reliably, even under greater load.


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Have the trailer assembled and everything was wurderbar. It can be mounted very facilitated and makes a stable and high-quality impression for the price.Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total 3/5
functionality    4/5
safety    2/5
Comfort    3/5
Price-performance    4/5
processing    3/5
maneuverability    3/5


  • favorable
  • processed fairly good for the price
  • very user-friendly design
  • TUV GS tested


  • suitable only for children aged 18 months
  • inflexible harness
  • moderate view through Fronfenster
  • small cargo weight


You get for less than 100 euros a simple and functional and rock solid trailer for their children.

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Technical specifications

seating 2
Weight (Base, with handle) 16 kg
payload 26 kg

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