Bike for beginners / Remove with Cycling – calories burned during cycling

Remove with Cycling – calories burned during cycling

Remove with Cycling – calories burned during cycling

Dieting with Cycling - Woman on bicycle

Dieting with cycling, is that even possible? We say yeah! In this paper we would like to briefly explain how to do it best, if you want to lose weight with cycling to lose weight. Biking is notoriously not the same cycling and so there are quite a few references to the one should pay attention to achieve the desired training effect.Albert Einstein once said:

The definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting different results.

What we want to convey with the quote, who does not change, can not expect any changes.In addition to the cycling one should always adapt the diet and change if necessary. Calories Poorer and less or the right grease, to training with the bike and the kilos to fall slowly.Simply put. You have a day to consume more calories than you ingest is not much different when it comes through with slimming Cycle.

Depending on the caloric deficit it takes longer or shorter until you lose weight. Those who opt for the cycling to lose weight, which will have its reasons. For this reason, we would like not so much into that, that you can effectively burn the fat with other sports and some of the calories burned during cycling is low. Who wants to lose weight with cycling, which has more kilometers to cover as for instance when running.

Circling and joint-gentle motion when cycling

When cycling you move in a circular motion, the pedals cause the feet and therefore the legs in a circular motion. This movement is very Protects joints because here act no unnecessary forces on the joints and cartilage.

Biking strengthens and promotes fitness

By cycling one can not only burn fat but also build muscles and improve the condition. This benefit primarily the leg muscles, the legs may be a bit thinner at first, build the same time but also muscle mass. It should be clear to one so that the legs are quite brisk, and not just the leg fat is burned. In general, one always takes the whole body from, through the targeted muscle building can streamline the body. In addition to the thighs but especially the calves are trained.

Ensure correct heart rate

The heart rate is very important, just at the right frequency, the body takes fat burning phase and removal can begin. If you move with a heart rate around 110 to 140 beats per minute, the combustion can take place optimally. This pulse indication is, however, for calculating individually. For us, the fat burning zone and are aerobic zone particularly interesting in those two areas, the combustion is optimal.

EKG printout sinus rhythm with heart rate 84

The personal heart rate is calculated as follows: 60-70% of maximum heart rate.

Example calculation: A man with 30 years and a maximum heart rate of 220:

  • 220-30 = 190 maximum heart rate x 0.60 = 114 HF
  • 220-30 = 190 maximum heart rate x 0.65 = 123.5 HF
  • 220-30 = 190 maximum heart rate x 0.70 = 133 HF

Those who want to have fun while losing weight, which should work out to be able to sit as long as possible in the saddle and not too much attention to the kilometers. So it is not important to as many kilometers to depart in a short time, but continuous cycling over an extended period and the maintaining optimum heart rate. Just take a fixed route and drive it without pay large for the time, only the rough timeframe should be pinned.

Who wants to check his pulse while exercising, which may be a pulse watch set or on a bicycle computer with heart rate monitor (such as a heart rate monitor ) recourse. With this function you while driving his pulse optimal view and can adjust its speed and driving behavior accordingly.

Positive side effects from cycling and the fat burning

Anyone regularly swinging on the saddle, it should always try to one hour or longer to go, bowing hypertension before and can reduce excessive levels of blood lipids. Overall, cycling has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system.

Blutdrckmessgerät and blood pressure cuff

Proper nutrition for sufficient energy while losing weight

Up next we have written less calories you should eat, which of course is only partly true. Who does a lot of sport also needs energy, this energy we get, among other things by carbohydrates. Would we effectively lose weight by cycling, we should completely forego additional sugar and chocolate. you should not do without fruit, including bananas, whole grain bread and fiber. Energy suppliers on which one should not fail to provide.

Four bananas on a table

In preparing the daily meals many unsaturated fatty acids should be used. To this end, olive oil or canola oil are. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in seafood such as salmon or walnuts and pine nuts.

drink enough during training and in everyday life, when cycling a bottle should not be ignored. After driving a 0.75 liter or 1.0 liter bottle should be empty.

Thus the removal of cycling fun

The bike should be optimal adjusted to the driver. This includes not only the correct saddle height and saddle width, and the handlebar and the entire posture must be optimally set.Who has pain when cycling, does it not for you and stops quickly. Everyone should find the right bicycle saddle itself. The hand position is decide whether you get jokes in the wrists.Ergonomic bicycle handles and matching bicycle gloves should bring remedy for aching wrists and palms. If you want to start right away properly, creates a cycling pants on. The seat cushion allows one a longer time in the saddle, thus increasing the ride time.

As cycling and weight loss is effective and fun

To sum once who pays attention to these things, which is able to successfully lose weight through cycling.

  • drink diet change, healthier fats and fewer calories, lots of water
  • Does away with unnecessary sugar by as chocolate
  • Compliance with the optimal training pulse with sufficient control
  • Continuous training

As a rule of thumb one can remember, a week should be about 2-3 times to sit for 40-60 minutes in the saddle. Who can, may also take a fourth time. It depends of course on the available time and the recovery time for the body.

A few workers expect to lose weight

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Conclusion: Losing weight through cycling

Anyone traveling by bike and this makes for the purpose of weight loss, doing his joints a favor. By adjusting the diet, which promotes many time in the fresh air, the exercise and the training not only the immune system, and the cardiovascular system benefited. At the end actually remains only to say, even if the slimming effects only come slowly at the beginning, the body is strengthened positive.



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