Bike for beginners / Saddle Test – How to find the perfect saddle

Saddle Test – How to find the perfect saddle

Bicycle seat test – find the right saddle

Bicycle saddle of the top of the bicycle seat test

A bicycle seat test is not easy, because with a saddle, it all depends on how far the individual distance of the seat bones of the bicycle is propelled apart. This is different for each person.

Unlike the step length for the correct frame size or the head circumference of a bicycle helmet , one can not make sweeping statements that each saddle for every cyclist is well suited for the saddles. In a bicycle seat test must therefore be seen in 2016 on whether the seat is safe, it is the respective demands and it fulfills its basic functions. Arguably, each to match, if I say a bike needs a different saddle as a city bike or a mountain bike.

Trekking saddle SQlab 602 Active

These criteria are taken into account when bicycle seat test

Depending on the claim, bike model and application area you can use criteria this list to evaluate.

  • Suspension from the saddle
  • Weight of the bicycle saddle
  • Length and width of the saddle
  • Convenience while sitting
  • Sitting posture and with the saddle

In a road saddle weight is entscheidener example for many; there is driven here by bike pants including seat cushions, the saddle itself does not need to be particularly heavily padded.Who wants to be a little more convenient and comfortable on the road, the turn, to rely on a gel saddle. For all bicycle saddles is important that one assesses the right nut width and determined, independently of the other criteria for the bicycle seat test. The riding position on the bike depends sometimes on well from the saddle. If the bicycle saddle poor quality, disease might like back pain.

Bicycle saddle of SqLabs 621Interestingly, the result of the Stiftung Warentest in August 2013 (08/2013). Here was clearly said that there is no unity bicycle saddle which is equally satisfied all cyclists. The wrong saddle can even create health problems. A winner was therefore not chosen. From my own experience I can say SQLabs is a very good bicycle saddle manufacturer.

Why we recommend only manufacturer

Normally I always recommend at this point in a table specifically named products and then characterizing them with a corresponding test result of Stiftung Warentest, ADAC or In this case, I do it differently and I will only manufacturer and Saddle call, but not receive the test results. A saddle will always be assessed individually.

find the optimal seat position – Set bicycle saddle

Ideally, the saddle is aligned so that the saddle tip and the rear part of the saddle form a venture right line. It depends entirely on the personal and individual taste and a lot depends on perception. If you feel an unpleasant pressure in this position, which corrects the position of the saddle a little. A footprints in the pubis area can certainly cause health damage and harm to itself. The virility is one of the most discussed topics. An incorrect seat position and the wrong bicycle seat to take in fact affect the potency.

Bicycle saddle of Wittkop of the page

The bicycle saddle should be securely mounted

Thus, the saddle also holds good that must seatpost be deep at least 5 to 6 cm recessed and integrated into the frame. Only so sleeve and clamp able to exert enough pressure on the saddle post and this hold with the required force. Ideally, the saddle is adjusted so that the treading force is easily given to the front of the pedals. These set the left pedal all the way down, sit on the saddle and eighth on her leg. The leg should now be stretched. Better the procedure is explained in this video from

Bike saddles for men or women

For men, the claim to a bicycle saddle is slightly different than for women. Maybe you have seen it before, there are saddles that have no saddle nose. Often observed this form to Mrs. bicycles. There should be more comfortable and cause less pain on pressure. Men on the other hand should ensure that the saddle does not negatively impact on the prostate.

The material from the saddle – plastic or leather saddle

Saddle asu leather - leather saddleIt is a question of attitude, the experience. There are cyclists who swear on a leather saddle , others set only to plastic saddles. The advantages of a leather saddle are not to be dismissed out of hand, as a reasonable and good bicycle saddle leather over time adapts to the buttocks and the seat bone. Plastic saddles contrast scarcely need to be retracted and to purchase much cheaper compared to similar leather saddles.

Brrooks leather saddle in brown

The great advantage of the leather saddle: it is much more convenient than its competitor from plastic. The riding position on the bike depends sometimes on the calliper.If the bicycle saddle poor quality, suffering as back pain or wrist pain may occur. The cycling brings so no fun.

Disadvantages of leather saddle

The vulnerability of rain and humidity is a big disadvantage from the leather saddle. The leather is not water resistant like a plastic saddle, the material suffers from moisture. Also, the weight is an obstacle. Who is it from, that his bike is as light as possible, the changes better not to Leather. But those who think about it to upgrade to leather, should look at the saddles from Brooks a closer. Brooks is a pioneer in the saddles. Leather is a natural product, ie it has to be maintained. The saddle needs regular appropriate leather care. Given the price of a good leather saddle but this is a matter of course.

Which saddle you ride?

Now your turn! Which saddle you ride and what is so great about your saddle? Write it easy in the comments, I look forward. course you can post also write me a comment if you are convinced of a particular model and it does not itself drive.


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