Electric Bicycles / SCOTT E-Sub Tour 10 pedelec: Place 7 Bike in E Test

SCOTT E-Sub Tour 10 pedelec: Place 7 Bike in E Test

SCOTT E-Sub Tour 10 E Bike Test

With the E-Bike ” E-Sub Tour 10 ” offers producer Scott an electric hybrid bicycle, which is ideal for long trips or the daily commute. Through the additional support of the wheel also long tours can cope without too much effort is now needed. In general, the E-Sub Solution is robust and effective drive. It has a sporty comfortable Suntour NCX suspension fork that can be blocked if desired. Thereby the seat no longer oscillates with while driving.Otherwise it was set to a powerful 250-watt motor, the “Bosch Perfomance” comes from the cycle. The location of the Bosch motor is at the bottom bracket. This is a central and low center of gravity is on offer, which does not affect the driving behavior. If desired, the battery can be removed from the bike and is fully charged in fast 2.5 hours. After the battery pack from the E Bike Test for 60 to 120 kilometers can be used. Even without the motor, the leaves Scott E Bike easily move what thanks to the 10-turn circuit and the low-friction Schwalbe tires is possible. For the security provided in Scott pedelec test the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Without delay the brakes firmly grip even when wet or long downhill. Just the pedals are a highlight and convince through their grip. Even with wet shoes and smooth soles you have to worry that you could slip on the pedals. In addition, you can turn on the engine with a simple push of a button, so that no dismounting or other handles will wären.Abgerundet needed the bike in E Bike test fenders, lighting and safety features.


The items to Scott pedelec Overview

  • Setting: E-SUB 6061 Alloy
  • E-Drive system: Bosch Active 250W System
  • Fork: Suntour NEX HLO
  • Headset: VP semi integrated
  • Shifters: Shimano Deaore SL-T610
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Deore RD-M610 SGS
  • Other components: brake levers, brakes, Kubel, handlebar, stem, pedals, seatpost, saddle, front and rear hub and chain.

Help needed? The customer support of Scott

Of course, the bicycle of Scott is not infallible and there may be questions or problems. In this case the customer by the manufacturer helps. Primarily, you have a five year warranty on the bike when it was purchased by an authorized Scott dealer. If you rebuild parts automatically void the warranty. Of course it is not always necessary that the E Bike is brought directly to the repair. On the official website you will find numerous assistance. Vorneweg there the bike Manuals. You will find all offered bikes from Scott and its manuals. Thus, you can download the manual and look up, if questions arise.There is also the “frequently asked questions” or simply “FAQ”. In different categories the questions are summarized that have been provided by other buyers. As a result, a number of problems to be solved directly. Moreover, there is the bicycle registration. After entering various data, the bicycle is registered and enabled more benefits. Otherwise, Scott provides other customer support options such as ensuring, newsletters, alerts, product catalog and archive.

The chic design

The design of this pedelec convinces directly. It has a black lacquered frame that fits up shapely. Of course all high robustness so that the entire frame is made of aluminum. This not only the durability is ensured, but also a light weight. Moreover, the features E-Sub Tour 10 E Bike a large writing by the manufacturer on the page. The porter has a futuristic look to offer, but which also offers enough space for a carrycot or other bags. The E-Sub Solution is completed by the simple red accents ranging from the saddle to handles, as well as the silver chain and ball bearings. These radiate in a bright, cool silver, fits perfectly into the design of the wheel.

What about the value of the bike I test out?

Although this is E-Sub Solution Tour 10 is not exactly a bargain, but a good acquisition. Especially if you are often out enjoying the countryside, the bicycle is an ideal companion. The powerful engine, although no hours of operation is feasible, but also for short distances it will show its full potential.There are alone used parts from brand manufacturers. Plastic or cheap components looking in vain, so that the bike for many years may be in use.Conveniently, you can directly contact customer support if problems arise with the E Bike.


The Conclusion

Are you looking for a high quality, precise, fast and flexible E Bike? In this case, the E-Sub Tour 10 is the optimal choice. Although you must grab the bike deeper into their pockets, but for that you get pure quality. After charging the battery can start driving, the E-Sub Solution also runs smoothly and without restriction without motor. A further convincing the chic design, which is designed for no sex. With the color black and several red accents the chic bike convinced immediately. Thus, a strong buy recommendation can be given, provided that the change and the desire for perfection-like details are available.


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