Bike for beginners / Seatpost test – Then pay attention before buying – seatpost

Seatpost test – Then pay attention before buying – seatpost

Seatpost and saddle bars – differences and more

Seatpost - Seatpost test

The correct seat position is dependent on the bike on various factors instrumental in the handlebars and the bicycle seat, with this and the corresponding seat post and seat post.With the seat post, we set the height of the saddle and can about the fixing of the saddle also affect its angle. How to determine the correct saddle width and the right for themselves Saddle place, we have already described the practical guide to detail. We report the seatpost test on peculiarities and differences between different models.

Seatposts - Patent seatpost with saddle

The seat posts and their holders

The seatpost is often supplied with the appropriate support for the saddle, this whole forms a unit and consists of precisely matched components (Patent seatpost). Screws and bracket usually have a measure for the force with which these may be tightened and should in no way be replaced individually. Alternatively, you can get the seat post without a holder (saddle clamp) and a caliper bracket without a bar (saddle candle). However, this type is not very widespread since the early 90’s. In the picture we see this construction still in an elderly Gazelle gents.

Saddle candle with saddle clamp

Saddle candle with saddle clamp

Seatpost in different sizes

Saddle bars are e in different dimensions, once the length of the seatpost may differ, but also the diameter, so the thickness. This has a very simple reason, there are different frame diameter and thus also the seat post must be of different thicknesses. In over 80% of all cases is the framework inside diameter to 27.2 mm. In the other cases, but it can also be approximately 25.4 mm or approximately 31.6 mm (eg mountain bikes).

A 27.2 mm rod can be fastened by reducing sleeve or adapter sleeve in a larger frame opening, the other way around is not so. In this case there is only Reducing the serve from smaller measure to greater extent than adapter. The scope stands mesit on the support itso you can read it easily and find the right balance before buying a new seatpost.

Measurements on seatpost

When the length of the seat post should always pay attention to their own seating position and the bike. Each seat post has a mark up to which this may be a maximum pulled out of the frame. At this maximum indication should be borne in any case, otherwise the stability of the seat post is not guaranteed. The lengths of the saddle bars will vary often between 20 to 45 cm (With a folding bike even longer).

What to look for during assembly

It should be ensured that it has put at least 10 cm of the rod under. For this purpose there is usually a mark on the seat post, here then the maximum extension length is specified.Introduced in the Saddle bar is fastened with a seat clamp, it can be fixed with a screw and a screw head or with a quick-release / quick-release clamp. The advantage of a semi-quick release, you can saddle without tools and go adjusted in height. Ideally clamps one bicycle for mounting in a mounting stand or hangs it in a bicycle lift .

Quick release clamp

Sprung saddle bars and the pros and cons

Sprung Saddle bars / seatpost offer the advantage that unevenness of the distance can be cushioned. A disadvantage is that the path from the saddle to the pedals is dynamic. can take quick and vigorous also be swallowed on the suspension part. The force is with then in the spring, and not only on the drive. one should distinguish decisive in the suspension seat posts between the normal hydraulic suspension and the seatpost with parallelogram construction.Here is an unevenness is very soft cushioned and absorbed by the structure, such seatposts are priced to be found in higher areas.

Pricewise the seatpost in the following areas:

  • Normal saddle candles – from about 8 Euro
  • Patent seatpost  – from 10 Euro
  • Carbon – up from 24 Euro
  • With parallelogram suspension – from 60 Euro

Materials for seatposts

The materials used aluminum and iron are significantly forward in sports and weight-optimized bicycles is also a CFRP material its use. Manufacturer’s instructions for fixing and tightening the saddle clamp you should not overlook. Considering the screws too tightly, it can be tiring to the material. In worst case screws may break.

Importantly: Always tighten all the screws and fittings according to the manufacturer. Before longer journeys check the connections.

Various seatposts Overview

name Type Price from provider
Vecnum Moveloc sprung 30 euro Amazon
XLC Pro SP-S05 sprung 30 euro Amazon
SR Suntour NCX SP12 sprung 65 Euro Amazon
CONTEC SP-060 parallelogram 65 Euro Amazon
Mighty support parallelogram 74 Euro Amazon
Rock Shox Reverb Stealth suspension / einestellbar 230 Euro Amazon

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