Bike Tires / Select tire pressure correctly – air pressure in bicycle tires

Select tire pressure correctly – air pressure in bicycle tires

Air pressure in bicycle tires – this is what counts

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Why is the air pressure in bicycle tires important? The air pressure on the bicycle tire with a decisive impact on ride comfort and the longevity of the tires. Depending on how much air is filled in the hose, the transportation becomes easier or more difficult. Also, the life of the bicycle shell depends on the pressure in the bicycle tire. If the pressure is too low – as is often the case – there are tears in the tire outer side and the wear is significantly higher. To prevent this, you should know a hand which tire pressure for your own bicycle tire is the ideal and also how to verify this.

The correct air pressure for bicycle tires

Basically can not be here but to say that air pressure in bicycle tires is the optimum tire pressure. Much more of this depends on the weight of the cyclist and the load on the tires.The pressure is not directly influenced by bike weight – not as is the case in the car. Also playing for the air pressure in the tires very own preference, as the lower rolling resistance or even the suspension comfort, crucial for the chosen and desired air pressure.

Check gauge a state air pump with PSI and BAR scale the tire pressure on the bicycleEach tire is given which pressure range for the tires is permissible. This information can be found on the shell side. The rolling resistance is dependent on the higher air pressure is lower. Also the wear and punctures the tires are lower at higher pressure in bicycle tires. A rough guide for the recommendable air pressure, however, can be given with reference to the tire width. Based on a weight of the cyclist of around 75 kg were anticipated following recommendations:

  • 20 mm – 9.0 bar
  • 23 mm – 8.0 bar
  • 25 mm – 7.0 bar
  • 30 mm – 5.5 bar
  • 40 mm – 4.0 bar
  • 54 mm – 2.5 bar
  • 60 mm – 2.0 bar

Overview with standard values for the tire pressure at normal wheels

The tire pressure is always dependent on the weight of the driver. If the tire after rising act still flat, may well be added 0.5 bar. [Information provided without guarantee]

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The tire width is in most cases on the casing and can be read here.

In terrain choose less tire pressure

Less tire pressure should be given to the tires but if you want to drive, for example, with the hybrid bike or a mountain bike (MTB) long trips or traveling off-road. Especially with downhill rides with the mountain bike, the air pressure is correct down a bit. Especially on a sharp-edged surface, the tires give easier and plates or other tire damage can be avoided. Here, if the pressure is too high, threatening the tire to burst quickly. The correct pressure is also recommended when driving so-called flat-less coats. Here this function is only workable when the tire is properly filled.

This bicycle pumps help optimally when filling your tires

So checked and optimized to the tire pressure on the bicycle

Bicycle rim and bicycle tires with valveSince the thumb test is when tested with thumb and forefinger, as is “compliant” tire, no great significance has, tire pressure should be checked regularly and professionally. A bicycle tire can lose every month to one bar of pressure. To check the tire pressure, initially the protective cap from the valve of the tire must be removed. Having then found out what is the least and maximum tire pressure of tires used, can be checked, which is currently pressure on the tires. This requires an air pump with a pressure gauge. If the pressure is too high, this can be reduced quickly and easily. For this purpose, air is let out of the tires.

Bicycle pump floor pumpIf the pressure is too low, however, can by means of a floor pump with a pressure gauge tirebe inflated to the correct tire pressure on the bicycle. Recently, the valve is then replaced and tightened. Wheels, whom there is a Schrader valve, also can be quite convenient and easy controls at service stations and set.

Nitrogen as an alternative to compressed air

Another alternative for inflating the tire with compressed air is to use tires gas. In particular, for racing bikes these fillings are recommended with nitrogen, total, this practice is for bikes that are exposed to extreme stresses. Once costs filling the bicycle tire around ten euros – then, they say, one need no longer worry about the tire pressure. However, this opinion is not correct. Studies of the ADAC revealed that even when filled with Sticktoff tires, regular monitoring is necessary and useful, because here pressure losses are not uncommon.

For normal cyclists filling with air from the compressor pressure is quite sufficient and the nitrogen filling hardly relevant or useful.


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