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Bike for beginners / Sigma 1009 — A bicycle speedometer to the test

Sigma 1009 — A bicycle speedometer to the test

Sigma 1009 — A bicycle speedometer to the test

Sigma 1009 bicycle speedometer

A bicycle speedometer does not always have complicated that proves the bike computer Sigma 1009 with flying colors. The small speedometer may be exactly what you would expect from a bicycle speedometer, it records the number of kilometers on, indicates the daily kilometers and has in live mode a speed indicator. Add to this a total mileage and clock function. Showing this is indicated by a normal display.

Battery and internal memory chip in Sigma 1009

An internal memory chip stores all the information and data collected between. If even a battery change when Sigma 1009 to go so far not lost kilometers traveled, routes, times and the wheel circumference. Even if the battery for a long time is sometimes empty and will not be changed, in our test, we have the bicycle speedometer more than 6 months are left without battery and all of our data were after inserting the new battery (CR32) yet.Tends the battery to a close, this is shown in the display with a status indicator. The life of a CR2032 3V Celle is thereby indicated with approximately 2 years at a daily usage of one hour.

Battery compartment on Sigma 1009 opened with CR2032 Celle

The data transmission takes place via cable. For this purpose, a pulse meter and in the spokes of the front wheel, a wheel magnet for round spokes is attached to the bicycle fork. This is held by O-rings on the bicycle fork. A separate battery is not required for these parts.

Bicycle speedometer sensor on the front wheel

Service interval for a periodic review

Not only cars should regularly for inspection, a bicycle has the wearing parts should be replaced and the screws can loosen. With the interval display, you can display an indication of the next inspection after a certain number of kilometers driven. This function can also be used elsewhere. If you want for example to monitor a particular mileage this is hereby possible. The purchase price of a bicycle compared to saved fuel cost of a car would be a conceivable nachzuverfolgende mileage.

The most important information in detail

Battery: CR2032 / about 2 years
Transmission: Corded
Time functions: Travel time, time, total travel time
Bike functions: Current Speed., Avg. Spd., Max. Gesschw., Trip distance, total distance,
Other. features: 7 languages, Autom. Start-stop, battery, memory chip

Sigma BC 1009 STS

With the STS version from 1009 has received a radio transmitted recipient of the data by means of encryption to the cycling computer, the STS system is entirely wireless.

Fixing the Sigma 1009 in the bracket

The speedometer is placed obliquely into the holder provided for adjustment. Thereafter, it is rotated with feeling clockwise. To engage the small holders At the speedometer base and the contacts close. Data transfer can now take place.

Mounting bracket and bike computer on the handlebars

Configuration of the speedometer

Thus, the speedometer can display the correct data, you have to feed them with some information it first. For this purpose, it is required to enter the wheel circumference. The number of revolutions of the front wheel can be used later to calculate the various values.With this formula you can calculate the radius over the tire circumference: 2 x pi x radius — The result we give in the unit cm in the speedometer a.

Example calculation: 2 x 3.14159 x 33 = 207.3449 cm circumference.

Button and control the bike speedometer

On speedometer itself there are four buttons with which we can control and adjust the whole device. Above left, we have the reset button for the trip distance, trip time, average km / h and maximum km / h ad. Right next to it is the fashion 2 button here we switch between the time, the total mileage and the total time.

Bicycle computer Sigma 1009 test bike speedometer

The lower left button is the SET button, so we configure the Sigma BC 1009 Tacho. Here we select the language, enter your wheel size, time as well as the contrast of the display. The bottom right button, MODE 1 key we need it most, so we switch between the trip distance, ride time, average speed and maximum speed.

(The exact configuration is very well described in the beile lowing operating instructions, for this reason we do not here it going too much into detail.)

Conclusion for Sigma 1009 bicycle speedometer

Who is looking for a simple and functional bicycle speedometer, has exactly the Sigma 1009 the correct speedometer found. It is light, easy to assemble and has all the important features that are important in everyday use. It can be installed inside stop a few minutes.Battery life is very good, due to its status indicator, it should almost never happen that we come again to an empty bicycle speedometer. The Sigma 1009 provides a great value for money. In Stiftung Warentest test the speedometer has cut with a score 1.9 , More good Sigma Fahrradcompter we have in the bicycle computer test listed.

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Our rating: 4.5/5

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