Bicycle Lights and Reflectors / Sigma Lightster Cuberider 2 in Test – Very Good – 4.5 out of 5

Sigma Lightster Cuberider 2 in Test – Very Good – 4.5 out of 5

Sigma Lightster Cuberider 2 in Test

Sigma Lighster Cuberider 2

Hardly a topic is as present as the subject of lighting on the bicycle. Is it, one looks forward, it does not go, it is often pointed out by the police on it. The Sigma Lightster headlamp is intended to provide a remedy. This is a removable, non-dynamo battery headlamp for the bike. We looked at the kit. Includes charger and reflectors.

Supplied by Sigma Lightster Set

The set was compact with us, all the parts were then encased in a plastic package with a carton. Included is the headlamps, the rear light, a battery charger for the spotlight, Battery, and the corresponding brackets for lamps and accessories for mounting on the bicycle. Sigma delivers it with 4 AA batteries for the spotlight. The taillight is enabled to ordinary batteries.

Sigma Lightster / Cuberider II Complete Set

Processing and feel and weight

The fixture is made of plastic and yet does not look cheap. The processing of various parts makes a solid and good impression. There are no projections or sharp edges. Spray Nose would also have been. In the hand the Sigma Lightster headlights feels also at dibasic. The on-off switch works without problems and can be operated without much use. The battery cover is also easy to open. Here, since batteries are included, you have ran infrequently to the fuels.

Sigma Cuberider on scales

If the batteries are inserted, the spotlight comes on 169 gram. The taillight with batteries weighs 48 grams. Again, the processing is solid and also can not fault it.

Performance, technology used and Note Lamp

The headlight has a power output of 20 LUX street. Sigma indicates is that this should be done with only one battery charge more than 20 hours. We were able to run the Lightster with a fully charged battery good 10.5 hours at a stretch. After 10.5 hours the lamp was so dark that one could only see a slight glow. A night and 8 hours later, the lamp is no charge light again. The batteries have regenerated a little. We could use another 30 minutes the lamp after this recovery period. The 20 hours running time have been achieved in any of the tests at a time. Only recoveries we managed a total running time of almost 11 hours.

Status lamp on the headlights

After 2 hours and 54 minutes, the LED “Off” is changed to “green”. After a total of 7 hours 49 LED switched from “green” to “red”, after 2 hours 44 minutes was the bicycle headlights only slight glow – 10 hours and 34 minutes. The recovery has once again brought 30 minutes. In the end we can extract about 11 hours of light on a single charge.

recorded battery life with Stopwatch

The rear light is equipped with 5 LEDs and intended by the manufacturer have a burning time of 60 hours. The five LEDs should be sufficiently strong, that you can see the bike about 100 meters.

Cuberider 2 Sigma taillight led

Both headlights and taillight have installed a charging status LED. When headlight is this before the on-off switch, the return light next to the switch. this LED is green, it shows us this in half a charge status of the battery. If the LED is red, we only have a short residual burn time. the LED is off, the battery is full. We therefore have a control system that works in this order:

  • Control LED off = battery fully
  • Control LED green = battery discharged something (After 2 hours and 54 minutes tackled)
  • Control LED red = battery almost all (after about 10.5 hours tackled)

Loading of the headlights on the charger. This is simply inserted on the bottom of the lamp.The charging socket is sealed with a rubber stopper.

On the bicycle

When Sigma Lightster of an assembly to talk is grossly exaggerated. The Lightster Cuberider 2 is by far the easiest-to-install bicycle lamp that we had been in the fingers. The bracket is opened down and squeezed the handlebar or any other desired rod. That’s it. Here one needs no tools and compression takes about 5 seconds, incl. Application of the holder.

Handlebar mount Sigma Lightster 2

When taillight is similarly simple. The principle with the rubber for fixing, we already know from IXXI reflectors from Busch & Müller . It is kept the holder to the desired position, the rubber mounted on one side of the support, around the bar and fixed on the other side. The backlight can be adjusted via a hinge in height. So oblique frame tubes or seatposts can be compensated.

Cuberider 2 rear light bracket

Conclusion for Sigma Lightster Cuberider 2 battery bicycle lamp

The headlights met with its 20 LUX, the legal requirements of at least 10 LUX . On the bike it is bright enough so that you will be seen. At night in the forest, the air is a little too dark for faster trips. If you drive in a comfortable speed between 15-18 km / h, the luminance is sufficient. Obstacles can be detected and avoided in time. The main applications for the Lightster we see in urban areas and where sporadically other light sources can be found on the roadside.

Sigma Lightster at night

The ease of installation and long battery life convincing. One shortcoming there, the charger is built specifically for the lamp. A charge via USB (as with the Trelock LS 750 ION ) or at another location is not possible. Through the use of standard AA batteries / accumulators but these can be charged at any external charger.

The price-performance ratio of the lamp is TOP! Here you can get something going for quite narrow money. The entire Sigma Lightster / Cuberider II Complete Set you get for about 38 Euro. If you want only the headlights, you get this already for 20 Euro. From us the bicycle headlights gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5 points, the test result: VERY GOOD. For us, this bicycle lamp is a good tip for all who are looking for a little money lighting.

See Sigma Lightster from 24 euros on Amazon

Our rating: 4.5/5


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