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SIGMA SPORT Lightster / Nugget lighting set black




Sigma Sport Lightster
The new LIGHTSTER USB was designed for daily use in road traffic. High security combined with easy operation and USB charging option ensures optimal everyday compatibility, which is what distinguishes the LIGHTSTER USB. The optimized high-performance optics and the CREE LEDs result in an increased luminous intensity of up to at least 25 LUX. The LIGHTSTER USB illuminates the near, core and side zones in a harmonious light image. In conjunction with the rechargeable battery and the battery and charging indicator, the LIGHTSTER USB has an unrestricted StVZO approval.

Sigma Sport Nugget

The new SIGMA LED Taillight NUGGET is designed for flexible, daily use in road traffic. It stands for high security combined with simple operation and USB charging option for optimal everyday compatibility. The NUGGET guarantees a very high safety factor in road traffic thanks to the 0.5 Watt high power LED and a side visibility well beyond 220 °. A balanced, powerful light image and a good visibility of up to 400 meters are given. Ideal and without restriction suitable for all bikes or thanks to clip holder even when hiking, jogging and more.


  • Weight: 90 g (Lightster) / 24 g (Nugget)
  • Water protected housing
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Burn time Lighster: 3 h (Powermodus) / 7 h (standard mode)
  • 2-stage SIGMA battery and charging indicator
  • Visibility Nugget: up to 400 m


Front lights Type: 1 LED | Brightness: 25 lux | Burn time: 420 min | Visibility: 35 meters
Backlights Type: 1 LED | Lighting: 360 min
Power source battery pack
power supply Battery size individually: Lithium-ion battery | Batteries included: Yes yes| Charger included: yes
holder Assembly tool free
StVZO With StVZO approval
execution Lamp set red & white
delivery Incl. Additional clip holder for backpacks, saddle bags or clothing
Model year 2016

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