Bike for beginners / SQlab 602 Active Trekking bicycle saddle in test

SQlab 602 Active Trekking bicycle saddle in test

SQlab 602 Active Tests – Trekking bicycle saddle

SQlab 602 Active Trekking saddle

Now that the Wittkop gel saddle has served its purpose, it was missing at the time the Streat dirt bike a new saddle. In the bicycle seat test the SQlab saddles have made quite a good figure and so the choice fell on the trekking Fahrrdsattel SQlab 602 Active , the Active is that the saddle a little prone to that later.

Before the new bicycle seat was found, it was about the sit bones measure; the whole thing happened on a seat stool, such as “Finding the right bike seat” in the article. The distance of my seat bones were about 12.5 cm, + 2 cm on top and a No. 15 Saddle was selected. The saddle flaps its 99 Euro tidy beech, so it is a more accurate test necessary in order not to get angry at the end on the investment. I was very curious about what to expect when tested everything. Who buys the saddle on Amazon, it gets sometimes from 82 euros *.

Measuring stool to determine the correct saddle width

Feel and appearance from SQlab 602 Active

The SQlab 602 Active is felt very light and thin, when pressed with the thumb you can tell quite a resistor and by the optics, it seems to be a little harder saddle which makes a sporty and not broad impression. Whether this has so confirmed, learn it later in the article.Weighing 472 g, it is yet to be mounted with a calm conscience.

The bike saddle removed, the new first photographed for you, then unpacked and attached directly to the bike. Now it was about the fine-tuning: the right seat position had to be found.The Allen always in hand, I have the saddle after 20 meters directly set somewhat horizontal.Little inclination, almost parallel to the ground. The SQlab 602 Active is for drivers who drive more more upright , on a bike, the saddle is less suitable. Not without reason, on the packaging and the Note: Trekking saddle.

Trekking saddle SQlab 602 Active

Trekking bicycle saddle SQlab 602 Active

Saddle must retract

Buyer I was advised that I need to enter the new bicycle saddle once, thanks for that. Who therefore has no experience, which possibly will wonder ‘after the first tour of the new and different sitting habits. Even for me it was the beginning of a big change, the gel saddle was very soft, do not compare with the SQlab 602 Active. My claim to the new saddle was, however, I would therefore also can do everyday journeys and not always rely upon my seat cushion in the cycling pants. Exactly this claim of 602 Active is also just. Both with, or without padding, it is a convenient and enjoyable saddle.

What the Active when SQlab 602 stands

In the beginning I briefly mentioned that the seat tilts slightly. This serves to ensure that the hip does not have to be very adjust pedaling and find a little balance. You hardly notice this effect, but feels that he is there. When driving it is quite pleasant. By this movement, an unpleasant saddle pressure is reduced. The test weight was nearly 75 kg.

Adjust the saddle properly

Saddle of the world is good, if it is not adapted and adjusted to personal needs. Anyone buying a new saddle, should adjust a lot. When tilt angle and also in the position accuracy is required. It is not always the material to blame for pain, incorrect installation is at least as often – if not more – a reason for complaints.

Active member on SQlab 602 Trekking Saddle

The conclusion to SQlab 602 Active Saddle Test

In conclusion I can say who is looking for a reasonable and high quality bicycle saddle for his hybrid bike or touring bike, which is well advised with the SQlab 602 Active. There are certainly cheaper models from other manufacturers, there is no question, with this saddle you get but a real premium product. From me there is therefore a strong buy recommendation.

Our rating: 4.1/5


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