Bike helmets / Tchibo bicycle helmet – test report – Satisfactory

Tchibo bicycle helmet – test report – Satisfactory

Tchibo bicycle helmet Test – How good is the helmet for less than 20 Euro

Tchibo Fahrradhelm

Having already Bike Parts in past articles Lidl have tested, we look today a bicycle helmet from the consumer-provider Tchibo to. Tchibo has normal, classic bicycle helmets available and helmets in a kind Nutcase design.

This type bike helmet looks like a nut shell and finds its use often in extreme sports wakeboarding, skiing, skating, off-road or when cycling. We focus on exactly this type helmet, the Tchibo has offered for 19,95 Euro in the range. Our report gives an overview of the casehelmet with a focus on the processing and comfort.

Supplied by Tchibo Fahrradhelm

First, we look at what has been provided everything. In the box we find the helmet itself, a manual and additional adhesive Velcro dots. Here, the manufacturer seems already to foresee, the breakpoints are required to fix the padding inside the helmet. More on that later.Should replace such a breakpoint once, you can stick with the addition a new Velcro fixing.

in-mold fahrradhelm

Feel and weight of the in-mold helmet

Held in the hand of the helmet is very light, use one has a different impression of the weight and expected when lifting a little more resistance. Of course, we notice positive. According to the manufacturer, the helmet weighs only 230 grams. We remember the Alpina Mythos 2 had a weight of about 269 grams, which is not difficult also for a good helmet.

Processing and material

However, weight is not all, the processing and the quality has to be right. Safety is at the focus, closely followed by the comfort and the processing. Whether the Tchibo bicycle helmet is safe, we can not detect with our representative agents. This object has the TÜV Rheinland acquired, the helmet was reviewed by the testing laboratory and has the seal “TÜV Rheinland Certified” condition. Likewise, the hard hat carries a GS mark and the CE mark. Thus, all safety aspects are met.

Wheel on Tchibo Fahrradhelm

The processing from the setting wheel is only done something cheap, here you can see spray supernatants from plastic. Wertig it does not look. The haptics, so the feeling when turning and touch is rather poor quality. The chin strap makes a solid and sophisticated look, here is only the chin padding to criticize as too thin. The snap lock includes good and clean, it can be as simple and easy to open again as he suggests.

The comfort of Tchibo Fahrradhelm

At first glance, the safety helmet has everything you expect from a bicycle helmet. The inside is padded, the belt looks stable from the chin padding is also available and at the back there is a thumbwheel to the individual size of the carrier set. This one should adjust the setting wheel to maximum size, put on his helmet and turning the wheel while gently until the belt at the back slowly zoom attracts this. Firm, but not oppressive, the helmet should sit on the head.

Wheel on the bike helmet

This brings us to the first big minus point in our test for Tchibo helmet, pushes the helmet.The Tchibo bicycle helmet, which we used for testing has, in our opinion, too thin padding.The internal lining is by very fast, with little pressure, you reach the helmet design itself, the micro-shell polycarbonate. It is this thin foam to protect them against unpleasant pressure points.

Interior padding in helmet

Another minus point is the belt with the adjuster wheel to adjust the individual helmet size.This adjustment wheel is not aligned properly for our taste. A helmet in nutshells form (Nutcase ), goes down the neck very far. This is by design. The thumbwheel is still below the rear edge of the helmet and is in our test uncomfortable on the uppermost cervical vertebrae. If we think thus to make a 100 km Bicycle Tour, whereas we get at the thought of a headache. In a men’s bicycle in an upright sitting position, this may go, in a slightly higher seating position on a trekking or cross bike, it oppressive unpleasant.

Woman wearing bicycle helmet Tchibo

Of course, not everyone is the same and so also this feeling is not representative, but we must point out in our test. Another indication of the Alpina myth, we have already spoken of this helmet when it came to weight, also has a wheel. However, this adjustment wheel is not pressing. The interior padding is sufficiently well chosen, here there will be no unpleasant feeling of pressure when wearing.

We have by the way both helmets in size S / M, 52-57 cm (Alpina) and S / M, tested 52-56 cm head circumference. By almost identical values of the comparison is legitimate. Even the Testproband was equal.

Positive noticed

  • The low weight of only 230 grams according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Value is ok

The one negative

  • Cheap acting processing the thumbwheel
  • For thin interior padding
  • The rotary control pressed while wearing uncomfortable on the spine / vertebral body

Conclusion for Tchibo Bike Helmet Test

One can from 19.95 euros Fahrradhelm expect miracles. He has certainly been made in accordance with its price. It is always a pity when amateur cyclists would buy a cheap bike helmet and assume that this is the measure of all things. Compared to the high-priced model is to remember the quality and the comfort is a significant difference.

Who can make friends with the identified shortcomings and the helmet does not often wears, is well advised with the Tchibo helmet. With the bike to work , not more than 2-3 km or for some shopping, but the helmet is sufficient. Those who wish to use every day and it would not be permanently remembered by a feeling of pressure on the helmet when worn, should look at bicycle helmets from brand manufacturers.

Under consideration of the price, get the Tchibo helmet of this test result 3.4 / 5 score.

Our rating: 3.4/5


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