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Tchibo bike lock – Folding and cable lock in test

Tchibo bicycle lock in the test and focus

Tchibo Fahrradschloss Test - Folding

Having already tried and tested several bike locks, we would like to dedicate today again a lock that you can get for under 20 euros already. The Tchibo bicycle lock, not just any, we look to the folding lock and steel cable lock. After the budget Lidl bicycle lock was very easy to crack, we are excited about what the bike fuses of ” Tchibo bicycle have” on the box. The basic question is as always: Can a bicycle lock for under 20 euro secure enough?

Feel and impression

Let’s look first of all the packaging and delivery of. With this, all it needed for installation on the bike, a guide and two bicycle key or keys for the lock.

The lock does not work very hard, compared to other manufacturers, it is with its 502 grams a lightweight. The members of the Ring Folding act firmly connected, however, have some play and a free space in the millimeter range. You have to be able to unfold the necessary space around the Castle without problems. The connections between the 14 members are riveted.Similar to the Lidl Faltschloss, make the rivets at first glance no solid impression.

Delivery Tchibo Faltschloss

Materials and workmanship from Tchibo Fahrradschloss

When material of Tchibo sets bike lock manufacturer on steel encased in a ABS plastic. This coating ensures that the lock leaves no damage to the frame and the paint. Whether this is actually prevented, we will describe later. Processing acts normal, not cheap but also not high. The price accordingly. The cylinder is made of die-cast zinc and to a high level of safety is provided, so the item description from Tchibo Faltschloss.

Technical data overview

  • 502 grams
  • Steel with ABS shell
  • 65 cm length
  • 14 items

Mounting on the frame

The supplied bracket is mounted on a frame bar. For this, the clamp is placed around the frame tube and tightened with the plastic screw. However, the assembly can not take place without tools. For the plastic screw you need a Phillips screwdriver. The folding lock will now be slid onto the bracket.

Tchibo lock holder on bicycle

Closes the bike with the Tchibo Faltschloss

If we compare the length of 65 cm it’s clear a lot of leeway to arrival or completion does not remain. The Abus Bordo Big convinced as through its 120 cm length and Trelock FS 455 was measured already scarce with its 85 cm. In the Tchibo castle soon becomes clear, 65 cm are simply to be able to short the existing everyday connections use of a bicycle stand comfortably.

To back up a bicycle well, is precisely the flexibility when connecting particularly important.The frame must be fixed to another fixed object.

Bicycle finished with Tchibo Faltchloss

The key is withdrawn after a quarter turn a bolt out of the lock. This bolt is pressed after completing his finger. The final link was in the end a hole through which the bolt. Now the lock is closed and the pure pushed bolt sure the last link to withdrawal from the lock body.

The Tchibo Faltschloss saves space when folded.

Video Tchibo bicycle lock / folding lock – Cracked in a few seconds

Conclusion for Tchibo Faltschloss

The bicycle lock is suitable to protect our eyes only moderately for their own, quality bike against thieves sufficient. As impressive to see in the video, we were able to cheap bicycle lock Tchibo within seconds crack with a normal and standard bolt cutters.

It is crucial that we could make this almost silently. In addition to safety in terms of bike lock crack, the lock is simply too short properly to control the bike and comfortable to another object to join. If the bicycle is not connected, it can be easily stolen. The thief does not even have to leave the spot the castle. Considering the price we give the Tchibo Fahrradschloss 1.5 out of 5 points. Anyone expecting a really secure lock for the price, is our expectations to be disappointed.


Our rating: 1.5/5


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