Bike for beginners / Teasi One 2 in Test and Overview

Teasi One 2 in Test and Overview

Teasi One 2 in Test and Overview

Teasi One 2 in hand

In our general article about bicycle navigation test we have already listed some things that you should consider before buying. Today we dedicate ourselves to Teasi One and look even more closely at whether this Fahrradnavi is suitable for everyday use and what features brings the device.

Packaging Teasi One 2 navigation device

Package and accessories when Teasi One 2

The Teasi One 2 is supplied in a high quality cardboard and is therefore well protected against damage during shipping. Nothing is more annoying than when the order arrives defective. The package includes the charging cable, a power adapter, a detailed instruction manual, the mounting materials for the bike mount and of course the navigation device itself. Not with this is the software for the PC, this must be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. However, the Teasi One 2 is fully in its application, can be used without a PC. On the device 27 country maps are installed, boring it is not an order.Packaging open Teasi One 2

Feel and operation of Teasi One 2

The device is very comfortable to hold and is good to keep even for smaller hands. The housing makes a valued and high good impression. The build quality is high and stable, with a weight of just 145 g. The operation of the display is very simple, the touchscreen responds promptly and receives the desired commands.

Menus and icons

The menu is kept very simple and clear. Even non-technical person to operate from Teasi One 2 is not a problem. Each function has a symbol, you press this, you get displayed exactly what you would expect. When setting up the device you will be asked if you want to choose the easy mode. This option reduces the menu interface on the main features and looks very tidy.Ideal for older people who do not wish to grand incorporated into a new software. So the Teasi One 2 is the motto “Teasi is Easy” justice. The route options can be selected as options such as “short” and “easy”.

Easy Mode on Teasi One 2

In the upper display the usual things such as the reception status, battery status and time are displayed. Add to that a bike icon when you are in the bicycle mode. Directly below the current speed, direction and distance are displayed to the destination. The current position and direction is indicated by an arrow. Below the map you have buttons for search, to stop the route and adding options. The information in each display area can be adjusted individually.

Application from the navigation device

The navigation device is at home on field, forest and hiking trails and accompanied a perfect over hill and dale. It does not matter whether it is mounted on the bicycle or held in the hand.This makes the Teasi One 2 also the ideal partner for geocaching and hiking.

Specifications from Navi

With a screen size of 8.8 cm (3.5 inches) and a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels can be recognized properly the cards at full brightness. The weight of Teasi One is 200 g, in the hand, it can look very sophisticated and not too heavy. The Li-battery (2.300mAh) holds according to the manufacturer for up to 10 hours outdoor use and is integrated in the device. The device has a USB port, here on routes can be transferred from the PC and the controller is loaded simultaneously. With a fuel water protection IPX5 standard can not go wrong even in light rain. The position is determined by GPS receiver and shown on the map. With its 128MB DDR2 RAM and 4GB flash memory that Teasi One is very well positioned. The powerful 664 MHz processor shows the cards on smoothly and without much delay.

All data at a glance in the data table

Display Size: 3.5 inch / 480×800 Pix.
Weight: 200 g
Li-battery: 2.300mAh up to 10 hours
R.A.M: 128 MB
Processor: 664 MHz
USB port: PC / Download
Water sensitivity: Fuel water protection IPX5

Size comparison of Teasi Pro for Teasi One 2

Comparison Teasi Pro with Teasi One 2

In the field and in real use

Enough talking about theory, we install the unit on the bike and we drive a test track. We are Local Guide and know how to get to the destination, we look whether the Teasi One 2 which also white. The route is about 20 km long and leads us to the main roads and cycle paths along. The Teasi has not always navigates us along the best route to our taste it was still ok.Criticism over the routing of each device must be attributed. Specified data and directions were always in accordance with the calculated route. Although we would otherwise run, we have arrived at your exact destination.

Our review of the Teasi One 2:

Our rating: 3.6/5


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  1. Hans van Hoek

    The Teasi One is a useless piece of crab, cannot stand a little rain! The whole screen came lose during a downpoor. Contacted the company, but they never responded. Famous European customer service! Completely worthless!

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