Best Bike Reviews / Test: Bergamont Vagonda N8

Test: Bergamont Vagonda N8

Review: Bergamont Vagonda N8

E-bike Pedelec: Bergamont Vagonda N8

Bergamont presents the Vagonda an affordable touring Pedelec with great amenities. When driving, the customer has to compromise, as our E-bike test shows.

What we like

  • comfortable, sporty seating position
  • good equipment

What we do not like

  • louder front engine, traction weak on wet or loose surfaces
  • unreliable battery indicator

The Bergamont Vagonda has the makings of premium touring E-Bike: The cranked arm with ergonomic grips feels good in the hand, Magura HS 11 delayed test strong and easy to dose, supported by hitting a coaster brake.

The frame of hydroformed aluminum tubes like that suspension seatpost as the Nexus 8-speed hub that convinces – advantage of the front-wheel drive – is decoupled from the motor works and shifts smoothly and without jerking.

The Promovec hub motor of the pedelec impressed less: He starts slightly jerky after a half turn of the crank, then pushes but strong and constant, accompanied by the typical twang. On steep mountains in the test lacked but the bite – the driver has to pedal vigorously. In flat terrain of movement Senor keeps the engine already in looser pedaling momentum.In tight corners – or to turn back – makes the sudden start of the engine at times for unsightly surprises. Therefore: Better contact with easily drawn lever, a sensor then deactivates the motor.

Specifications of the test: Bergamont Vagonda N8

Price: 1,799 euros
Price Replacement Battery: 509 Euro
Weight: 24.3 (incl. Battery 2.9 kg) kg
Motor: Promovec hub motor VR, 250 Watt
torque: 40 Nm
Battery pack: 36 Volt / 9 Ah Lilon (324 Wh)
Circuit: Shimano Nexus twist shifter / Nexus 8-speed internal gear hub
Suspension system: rigid fork, suspension seatpost postmodernism Glide
Brake: hydr. Rim brake Magura HS 11 / coaster brake
Lighting: B & M Lumotec LYT headlights / B & M Seculit CrossPlus taillight
Test score Comfort: very good, suspension seatpost, comfortable, wide tires
Test-driving safety rating: convincing directional stability, good straight-line stability, traction weak
Test Score Range: 32 km, mainly in stage 5 and 6
Test Evaluation Test Evaluation Battery Handling Battery holder with automatic contact connection, charger cable


Bergamont presents the Vagonda an affordable touring Pedelec with great amenities. When driving, the customer must make compromises.This was our test.


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