Best Bike Reviews / Test: Biketec Flyer X MTB

Test: Biketec Flyer X MTB

Review: Biketec Flyer X MTB

Flyer X MTB
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Comfortable suspension, top equipment: Biketec Flyer offers the fast S-Pedelec / E-Bike X-MTB an allrounder, the off-roader as enthusiastic and ambitious touring bikers. More here in the test report.

What we like

  • excellent Shimano components: super brake, excellent circuit
  • safe, very comfortable suspension
  • rlaubt high cadence with support

What we do not like

  • Reach only average

Already after a few meters on the flyer is clear: As far as comfort is to say any other e-bike in our comparison test candle. Thanks to a fully sprung suspension, the e-bike glides smoothly and safely through gutters and potholes, the rear transfers power without traction weaknesses, thesuspension fork absorbs even rough strokes. Cobblestone and dirt roads bad for losing flyers pilots their terror, especially the hands resting relaxing on outstanding Ergon grips.

The other driving characteristics of the flyer showed the test to be beyond doubt: Controls used the e-bike through corners and remains safe even at high speeds on track. Although the long wheelbase and slightly overweight borne agility, but that bothers most closely serpentine.Hillside weight hardly comes into play here is the sufficiently powerful Panasonic Motor flyer the necessary liveliness. Prima: Even at level 3 we went in the test always fast forward, step 4 ignites the Turbo – for speeds in Temporausch to over 40 km / h.

Specifications of the test: Flyer X MTB

Price: 4090 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: 599 Euro
Weight: 24.7 kg
Motor: Panasonic bottom bracket motor, 250 Watt
torque: kA Nm
Battery pack: 26 Volt / 12 Ah Lilon (312 Wh)
Circuit: Shimano XT thumb switch and 10-speed derailleur
Suspension system: Fork Rock Shox Recon / rear: RockShox Ario
Brake: hydraulic disc brake Shimano XT front and rear
Lighting: B & M Cyro IQ headlight / B & M Flatline LED
Test score Comfort: class chassis, great grips with croissants
Test-driving safety rating: good brakes, directional stability and good-natured in every driving situation
Test Score Range: with 28 km a good average, recommended: the 16 Ah battery
Test Evaluation Test Evaluation Battery Handling the reference: perfect charging station insertion and removal excellent


Comfortable suspension, top equipment: Biketec provides the Flyer X-MTB allround-S-pedelec, the off-roader as enthusiastic and ambitious touring bikers.


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