Best Bike Reviews / Test: City pedelec: Hercules Tourer 7 AGT

Test: City pedelec: Hercules Tourer 7 AGT

Review: City pedelec: Hercules Tourer 7 AGT










The Bergamont E-Line convinces thanks to high standard, very confident riding characteristics and great engine across the board. Only the slightly weaker compared battery prevents the Best Buy.

What we like

  • Cycling computer with a large and easy to read display
  • Front engine supports tidy and reliable
  • good price-performance ratio

What we do not like

  • Operation of cycling computer and drive unintuitive
  • Automatic circuit relies on battery power

Hercules – the superhero of Greek mythology was known for his strength.A predicate that on this e-bike fits – the Hercules Tourer 7 AGT.Especially in the plane pushes the front driving the bike properly to remarkably restrained it hits longer climbs to the point. The motor carries out his work, as all wheel hub drives in test, reliable but also relatively noisy.

In handling the Hercules was rather sluggish with safe directional stability – inter alia by the relatively high weight of the front wheel with the hub motor. For the right amount of city comforts include suspension fork and suspension seatpost , to the upright position and the very comfortable, wide saddle .

Excellent gear changing in manual mode

Best feature of Hercules E-bikes is its automatic transmission , for the acronym AGT (Automatic Gear Transmission) is in the name. In principle, the automatic speed change operation is smooth. Only at constant speed in the boundary region between two gears, the control shows some hesitation: They do not always can opt for a gear – and then jump between steps back and forth. In manual mode the gear change does work perfectly, pressing a button will change a servomotor gears. The pressure point of the push buttons should be somewhat defined.

Another drawback: If the battery is empty, even the gear change does not work anymore. Although the system switches previously still in the easiest transition – a lot of fun no longer makes the ride then however. The most mediocre battery range bears as not necessarily to relax with.

As long as the battery lasts, can the clear cycling computer easily read.The controls on the handlebar can be easily reached. Everything a nice concept with good price-performance ratio without really serious weaknesses in all.

Specifications of City pedelec in the test: Hercules Tourer 7 AGT

Price: 1,899 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: na Euro
Weight: 28.1 (incl. Battery) kg
Motor: TranzX-front wheel hub motor, 250 Watt
torque: Max. 30 Nm
Battery pack: 36 Volt / 11 Ah Li-Ion (396 Wh)
Reach: 40.3 km
Circuit: Shimano Nexus 7-speed automatic transmission
Brake: Shimano BR-M422, mechanical caliper brake plus resignation
Equipment: Fork, spring support, light, fender, Porters, pump


The Hercules E-Bike convinces with directional stability, balanced handling and good driving. The automatic transmission is fun, but only as long as it gets Str0m battery.


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