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Test: Dahon Boost

Review: Dahon Boost

Dahon boost


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The practical folding mechanism and the impeccable handling of Dahon Boost convince in the test. The weak, grumpy unfortunately pedelec motor not.

What we like

  • excellent folding mechanism
  • amazingly comfortable seating position, safe handling, good directional stability

What we do not like

  • weak grumpy motor that is prone to vibrations
  • bad brakes

Pedals and handlebars fold, unlock the main frame and fold – finished. A few manipulations make Dahon bikes a compact, space-saving package for the small city apartment, the trunk or the web. To the Dahon Boost aspedelec to “electrify” the engineers built a Sunstar motor ans bottom bracket and a small battery that can be easily removed and used, behind the seat tube. Visually a successful engagement.

Less impressively presents itself in the test, the engine of the folding pedelec: Under loud vernehmlichem hum and finely vibrant it attracts, tinkers diligently, but without – only approximately heranzureichen to force other pedelec engines in the test – even in the strongest of the three levels of support , It is understandable that the Dahon Boost for driver kg and 85 kg body weight releases. Otherwise makes the lively Bike Fun: Agil, but well controlled, it always remains safely on course. The comfortable saddle is not the small battery – and the good handles invite for longer trips.

Specifications of the test: Dahon Boost

Price: 1,999 euros
Price Replacement Battery: 599 Euro
Weight: 19.4 kg
Motor: Sunstar bottom bracket, 250 Watt
torque: kA Nm
Battery pack: 24 Volt / 5 Ah Lilon (120 Wh)
Circuit: Sram i-Motion twist shifter / Sram 3-gear hub
Suspension system: no
Brake: Felgenbremse Kinetix V-Brake front and rear
Lighting: Spanninga Hilux LED headlight / taillight Spanninga Premium
Test score Comfort: great handles, comfortable saddle, no spring elements
Test-driving safety rating: weak brakes, good directional stability and directional stability
Test Score Range: the small battery is sufficient for short trips in the city: 16 km
Test Evaluation Test Evaluation Battery Handling successful battery receiving the frame, no charging station


The practical folding mechanism and the impeccable handling of Dahon Boost pedelec convince in the test. Unfortunately, the weak, grumpy engine fails.


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