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Test: Diamond Beryl

Review: Diamond Beryl

E-bike / pedelec


E-bike / pedelec


E-Bikes / Pedelecs


The e-bike / pedelec diamond beryl excited in the test with a powerful engine and harmonious power delivery. The equipment is managed, and the 3-speed hub fits well with the concept. Optimal for gearshifts e-bikers.

What we like

  • uniformly supportive, very powerful and quiet motor
  • for switching Lazy: powerful engine and 3-speed hub harmonize very well
  • despite sitting upright good introduction of force into the pedal

What we do not like

  • bad suspension seatpost
  • impractical plug on the battery

Discreetly dressed in gray, anthracite and white, the beryl initially arouses too high expectations in any of the pedelec Tester. All the more surprising then fall out of the first test kilometers. Already in the second of the four levels of support pushes the diamond pedelec energetic, evenly and completely silent.

In the third stage, it goes up impressive slopes, at level four climb itself hardly trained older drivers boldly imposing ramps. That in beryl the tinkers ‘normal’ Bionx-engine in the rear and not yet spirited can-do “High Torque” version (HT) with even more torque , practically irrelevant. The gentler power development fits anyway better to the concept of low step-pedelec. Older drivers also appreciate the comfort-oriented, upright riding position and pleasant, far to the driver curved handlebars – sporty drivers wonder most about the fleet acceleration and high average speeds in the comfortable sitting position and with the limited ferrying Tung bandwidth of a 3-speed hub can be achieved.

The brake assist when the engine switches to recuperation, you appreciate fast: Just one slight train at the brake lever, and already the motor brakes the beryl noticeably – and feeds energy into the battery. For longer runs, four manually adjustable “braking steps” available, thus ensuring relaxed shutdown without verkrampfende hands.

With the high and far back placed battery the beryl Although missing some pressure on the front wheel , but do not suffer directional stability even driving safety significantly lower. Only when turning the somewhat sluggish needed wheel under test tidy place. Criticism also deserve ruckelnde suspension seatpost and the tiny connector that couples battery and on-board electronics. A connection that automatically connects the battery during insertion would be useful. Then the Beryl had the title of “first class” deserve.

Specifications of pedelec test: Diamond Beryl

Price: 2299 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: 499 Euro
Weight: 25.3 (incl. Battery 3.0 kg) kg
Motor: Bionx rear hub motor, 250 Watt
torque: 32 Nm
Battery pack: 40.7 Volt / 6.4 Ah Lilon (260 Wh)
Circuit: Sram twist shifter / Sram 3-gear hub
Suspension system: Fork SR Suntour NCX Lite / suspension seatpost
Brake: hydraulic rim brake Magura HS 11 front and rear
Lighting: B & M CYO LED headlamp / LED Spanninga inte in battery
Test score Comfort: comfortable seating position, excellent handles, poor support
Test-driving safety rating: very hecklastig, yet ordinary Spurstabilitä
Test Score Range: despite vergleichsweisekleinem battery respectable range: 32 km
Test Evaluation Test Evaluation Battery Handling Battery too far back on the wheel, impractical plug on battery


The diamond beryl excited in the test with a strong pedelec motor and harmonious power delivery. The equipment is managed, and the 3-speed hub fits well with the concept. Optimal for gearshifts e-bikers.


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