Best Bike Reviews / Test: E-Bike Test: Flyers RS SLX

Test: E-Bike Test: Flyers RS SLX

Review: E-Bike Test: Flyers RS SLX

Flyer RS SLX in Test

What we like

  • high range in the city
  • high support on the tour
  • high payload possible
  • Pushing / traction
  • Range indicator

What we do not like

  • high price
  • insurance

Product data for E-bike / pedelec Flyer RS SLX

Weight Complete: 25.8 kg
Battery Weight: 3.8 kg
Price: 3490.00 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: 895 Euro
Maximum weight allowed: 149 kg
Maximum load: 123.2 kg
Engine power: 350 W
Engine type: Panasonic mid-engine
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion battery
Power output: 540 Wh (watt hours)
Battery voltage: 36 V
Charge: 15 Ah
Circuit: Derailleur Shimano SLX with thumb switch
Number of gears: 10
Front brake: hydraulic disc brakes Shimano BR-M 675
Rear brake: hydraulic disc brakes Shimano BR-M 675
Equipment: Rear, frame lock, fork

The test results of the ExtraEnergy pedelec tests *

Range Tour: 56.3 km
Average Speed Tour: 30.3 km / h
Support Factor Tour: 1.44
Range Berg: 33.2 km
Average speed mountain: 23.9 km / h
Support factor Berg: 1.22
Range City: 41.5 km
Average Speed City: 16.0 km / h
Support factor town: 1.06

The results of the ExtraEnergy ergonomic tests **

Driving with engine support: 1.7
Riding performance without motor assistance: 1.7
Ease of use: 1.8
Carrying (upstairs and downstairs): 3.1

Review and product group classification ***

Product group 1: urbane
K-factor 1: 7
Product group 2: Easy-pedelec


Comfortable but athletic, fast, but calmly confidently – so Flyers RS SLX roars through the city. Overall, the good standard wheel conveyed his driver quickly from A to B. For an S-pedelec however the loud engine seems a bit sluggish. Especially in the mountains the RS SLX runs almost like a “normal” pedelec. But the budget for an S-pedelec wheel rolls well without engine power.


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