Best Bike Reviews / Test: Flyer R Urban

Test: Flyer R Urban

Review: Flyer R Urban

Flyer R Urban


Flyer R Urban


Flyer R Urban


Flyer R Urban

Flyer R Urban
High quality equipment combined with excellent driving performance: The Pedelec Urban R Flyer is a giant step forward – showing our test. Select Sporty pedelec riders the XT variant and optional 16 Ah battery.

What we like

  • first-class assembly, perfectly routed cables, high-quality components
  • powerful engine, balanced driving performance and driving safety

What we do not like

  • clearly heard at lower speeds hum of the engine
  • Gear does not fit the sporty concept

Until now flyer especially as manufacturers particularly convenient e-bikes and pedelecs a term. Now ask the Swiss first one emphasizes sporty racer on narrow tires. In balanced, slightly sporty seating position we went in our test quickly forward, the straight, only slightly benthandlebar grip. As engine the Swiss engineers continue to rely on the proven Panasonic motor on pedelec cranksets who devote more muscle power used by a maximum of 200 per cent – and leaves hear his typical twang. Even less sporting natures while making for tremendous pace and allows average speeds above 30 km / h. When accelerating the Alfine hub switches in test mode soft and accurately, to approve increases when switching to lighter transitions typical of Gear pause for thought. Sporty drivers therefore are more effective for the version with Shimano XT derailleur: Thus the blank mountains with smoother gearshifts storm – and the larger range of gear ratios goodness, even with significantly higher cadence.

With best lateral grip the flyers pedelec curled in the test through fast curves well dosed brake delay at all times. Comfort donate good handles, the fork filters only minor strokes. A suspension seatpost is available as an option.

Specifications of the test: R Flyer Urban

Price: 3940 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: na Euro
Weight: 23.1 kg
Motor: Panasonic bottom bracket motor, 250 Watt
torque: kA Nm
Battery pack: 26 Volt / 12 Ah Lilon (312 Wh)
Circuit: Shimano Alfine twist shifter / Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub
Suspension system: Fork Headshok / suspension seatpost optional
Brake: hydraulic disc brake Shimano Alfine front and rear
Lighting: B & M Cyro IQ headlights
Test score Comfort: good suspension fork, great grips, no suspension seatpost
Test-driving safety rating: good brakes, directional stability and excellent directional stability
Test Score Range: 27.6 km at a leisurely pace and mix of stage 3 and 4
Test Evaluation Test Evaluation Battery Handling the reference: perfect charging station insertion and removal excellent


High quality equipment combined with excellent driving performance: The Urban R Flyer is a giant step forward as our pedelec test shows.Sporty drivers choose the XT variant and optional 16 Ah battery.


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