Best Bike Reviews / Test: Giant Aspiro Hybrid 1

Test: Giant Aspiro Hybrid 1

Review: Giant Aspiro Hybrid 1

E-bike Pedelec: Giant Aspiro Hybrid 1


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Pedelec test Giant Aspiro hybrid electric bike


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The Giant Aspiro hybrid 1 is a sporty touring Pedelec with balanced geometry and powerful but grumpy engine. The test showed only minor weaknesses in tracking and in equipment.

What we like

  • convinced the power of the giant engine
  • comfortable, sporty seating position, handlebars pleasant with good grips

What we do not like

  • unsatisfactory directional stability
  • a hub motor in the rear vibration, the Giant is noisy, felt

The Giant Aspiro receives its driver with a sporty seating position, a narrow arm – and a hemdsärmelig agierendem pedelec engine. Although the Giant has a fantastic even with light pedal pressure forward – but only with a sonorous hum.

The harsh tone does not put the engine in the test from even while driving, but he pushes on the mountain with a lot of pressure. The pedelec battery placed Giant side of the luggage carrier, which is detrimental to driving safety: The focus is off-center, when turning with hands that Aspiro is restless, especially when the narrow tires rumble across manhole cover. Here, the hard spring elements made themselves felt in the test.

The cockpit display shows important speedometer functions and, very reliable, the battery level. On display, the driver turned on by the three levels: no back and forth, but always in one direction. He always stumbles in the “Off” mode. Convince could the good installation and clean cable routing in the test.

Specifications of the test: Giant Aspiro Hybrid 1

Price: 1,999 euros
Price Replacement Battery: 699 Euro
Weight: 26.2 (incl. Battery 2.5 kg) kg
Motor: Giant hub motor in the rear, 250 Watt
torque: 30 Nm
Battery pack: 36V / 8 Ah Lilon (288 Wh)
Circuit: Shimano Acera thumb switch / Acera 9-speed derailleur
Suspension system: Fork SR Suntour NEX 4610 / suspension seatpost
Brake: hydraulic rim brake Magura HS 11 front and rear
Lighting: Panasonic LED headlight / Spanninga Vector X LED Rücklich
Test score Comfort: uncomfortable fork, average spring seatpost
Test-driving safety rating: ordinary brake, even directional stability and directional stability
Test Score Range: the small battery allows only shorter trips: 28 km
Test Evaluation Test Evaluation Battery Handling Good battery receiving the rack, charge line


Sporty touring Pedelec with balanced geometry and powerful but grumpy engine. Small weaknesses revealed the test in tracking and in equipment.


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