Best Bike Reviews / Test: Tour Pedelec: E Bike S 002

Test: Tour Pedelec: E Bike S 002

Review: Tour Pedelec: E Bike S 002










The S 002 has proven to be smart e-bike with a good-natured driving behavior. The battery fires the engine endurance. Only the comfort leaves to be desired.

What we like

  • pleasant personality and comfortable seating position
  • the perennial battery delivers the powerful engine long energy
  • quite low weight

What we do not like

  • completely rigid, uncomfortable feature is comfort for the S 002 is a foreign word

The E-Bike the brand E bike feels a bit retro: With his brown leather saddle and the optically matching handles, balloon tires and seatpost , stem and handlebar in sparkling silver, the S 002 is reminiscent of the good old bicycle time.

However, this is unfortunately also for the comfort features. How Yesteryear looking to a fork or a suspension seatpost to the wheel that is in vain. Instead, there are completely rigid. And that gets clearly felt the driver on gruff underground.

Along with the right hard saddle spoiled and little ergonomic handles the S 002 him. Not necessarily with excessive comfort Only the voluminous balloon tires provide a minimum level of attenuation . So is the tour apart from good roads and country lanes, especially on long trips, for ordeal.

In good quality fittings

Apart from the lack of comfort, the stylish bike makes hardly weaknesses.It handles very pleasant and good-natured, which is partly due to the central and tour moderate, slightly stretched riding position. Due to its size and low weight of 22 kg also there flits without engine quite nimble and with plenty of driving pleasure through the countryside.

If the driver switches the Bosch engine to make the S 002 a really good impression. The drive works well adjusted and therefore supports evenly and with plenty of train and dynamics. The through testing range of 45 km with full support to be proud of. No other bike in the test Bosch held so long by how the “E Bike”.

For the good overall fit and the qualitative features: The S-002 drivers switched with Shimano Deore XT group through the corridors, the matching disc brakes if necessary, arrange for rich delay. Persuasion also can make the product bikes, as with the laid inside the frame and trains cables, some welding seams and the deposed brand logo on the down tube. By the way: The bike is available as S 003 in a sporty reduced version without lighting and luggage racks.

Specifications of touring pedelec in the test: E Bike S 002

Price: 2,594 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: 599 Euro
Weight: 22 kg
Motor: Bosch bottom bracket, 250 Watt
torque: Max. 50 Nm
Battery pack: 36V / 8 Ah Li-lon (288 Wh)
Reach: 45 km
Gear type: derailleur
Brake: hydraulic disc brakes Shimano BR-M596
Equipment: Rigid fork, fender, light, Porters


The S 002 has proven to be smart e-bike with a good-natured driving behavior. The battery fires the engine endurance. Only the comfort leaves to be desired.


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