Best Bike Reviews / The BMC Timemachine Road 2019: The 10 most important facts

The BMC Timemachine Road 2019: The 10 most important facts

BMC Timemachine Road 2019

It’s only been a year since the revised Teammachine, an all-rounder for the road, was presented. Now BMC is adding to the 2019 model year, this time with a brand new version of the Timemachine in the Road version. Here are the 10 most important points you should know about the new Timemachine, including an impressive low overall weight, new records in stiffness and sensational aerodynamics.

Damn long ago…

bmc rider

Since 2012, the “time machine” has had a firm place in BMC’s portfolio. Originally two different versions were presented, one for the road and one for time trials and triathlon. While the road bike had some success in the professional cycling community, the majority of the BMC racing team opted for the more capable team machine.

But that’s about to change. With measurably improved aerodynamics and a modern frame profile, we will probably encounter the Timemachine more often on the race tracks in the next few years.

Always on the pulse of time

bmc wheel

From 2019, the Timemachine will run exclusively with an electronic shift group and disc brakes. The improved aerodynamics and the current trend prompted BMC to take this step, and Specialized has also further developed its racing bikes in this direction, as was only announced a few years ago.

On the cockpit, the lack of wiring not only gives a clean look, but also reduces drag. The missing brake caliper at the front improves the aerodynamics.

In addition to improved efficiency, wider wheels can also be ridden. BMC explains that the Timemachine works perfectly with 25mm wheels, but 28mm tyres can also be ridden.

Impressively stiff

bmc Impressively stiff

One of the most important challenges in the development of a new bike is the perfect balance between fast response and smooth running, achieved through an optimally stiffened frame. According to BMC, the stiffness of the frame almost matches that of the climbing professional Teammachine. The torsional stiffness (against lateral twisting) is even higher. So the wheel should not only be efficient to move on level ground, but also when climbing on cradle steps, little strength is lost.

A flyweight

BMC states the frame weight as 980g, plus 410 grams for the fork. This is about 200 grams less than the old Timemachine has brought on the scales and only about 240g more than the featherlight Racer Teammachine weighs. The weight of less than one kilogram makes the racing bike absolutely competitive among its streamlined conspecifics, which were also presented during the Tour de France preparations.

Aerodynamics in numbers

bmc Aerodynamics

No presentation of a new aero without impressive figures from the wind tunnel of the manufacturer! According to BMC the Timemachine beats the Teammachine here by lengths, with about 8 watts saved on 40km. And it goes even better! Under real conditions up to 18 Watt or 3km/h can be achieved. We are impressed!

Aggressive Geometry

The driving position didn’t surprise us much. Deep and fast. The timemachine has between three and six millimetres more reach and 10mm less stack than the teammachine. This makes it the perfect choice for all pilots who prefer a more aggressive driving position. Depending on the frame size, a 5-10mm longer rear end provides more directional stability, while a deep bottom bracket helps navigate fast descents. The Timemachine does not force the driver into an aggressive posture, three different stems and an adjustable cockpit allow an individual adjustment.

Setting an example for integration

bmc integration

As is so common with modern racing bikes, the Timemachine is full of integrated technology that makes the bike as efficient as possible. This means cables in the seat tube, optional bottle holders, and a brand new one-piece cockpit. Read more in the following sections. The integration effort also includes the new Di2 Box, which is hidden under a plate on the underside of the down tube, where it offers the headwind no surface to attack. If you prefer eTap, one plate can replace the whole system. Clean solution!

Proprietary cockpit

bmc cockpit

BMC has developed a new proprietary cockpit especially for the Timemachine. While most other Aero cockpits are equipped with a 31.8mm handlebar clamp, the Timemachine uses a smaller 25mm clamp, which according to BMC improves the aerodynamic characteristics by classes.


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