Bike for beginners / The electric bike Flyer by BikeTec to the test run

The electric bike Flyer by BikeTec to the test run

Electric Bicycle Flyer by BikeTec in Test

Electric bike pedelec Flyer BikeTec

Today it was good 12 degrees in the shade and the sun shone as only in summer. No clouds and no wind. Ideal to take a bicycle under the microscopes. We used the idyllic day for us to see the electric bike Flyer by BikeTec more closely.

The test environment

The bike has been tested on the flat land and without mountains and slopes. There was no wind and we had about 12 ° C. The battery has been fully charged and the bike was awakened from hibernation. The driver weighs about 80kg.

Test drive with the electric bike Flyer by BikeTec – The battery

Such a test would be nothing without a full battery. For this reason we snapped the battery and placed in the charger. With surprising still 4 of 5 points were available, ie the battery has discharged from September 2013 to March 2014 just in 1/5. Of course, the 12Ah battery was not in the bike and was kept in the house. For such a period, the discharge of the battery can be seen.Electric Bicycle Flyer by BikeTec pedelec

Nachem we also have the fifth load of five points was it going so. Once again briefly inflated air , installing the battery, the dust layer removed from the winter, it was obvious that the pedelec Flyer by Biketec and eagerly waiting to be moved again. But before the photo shoot and video shoot were still on the series. Work before pleasure.

How the drive works with the electric bike Flyer

LCD display from the electric bikeIn this model, the pedal assistance is in the bottom bracket, sensors on the stock to determine the force and provide assistance in 3 different, previously to defining steps to do so. The hours are sets on the LCD screen, here you can choose between ECO, standard and high. reduced depending on the setting and adapts to the range.In this model, a 12Ah battery is with which one can travel by the manufacturer good 90km. In our test, we got the e-bike at a whopping 128km, but in ECO mode and also in the countryside. The 90km manufacturer information is therefore very realistic. In the mode “High” power from the engine is clearly evident, the drive is still soft and is no jerk when starting.

Charge status Electric Bicycle Battery

Panasonic battery with charging status indicator

The battery has been completed and therefore protected against theft. Do we know even not how large the capacity is still, just press the “Push” button and the red lights show a state of charge of the battery on. All 5 lamps mean the battery is fully charged. A battery is always with the heart in an electric bicycle, here you should not save and directly buy a good. The 12Ah battery was done wrong when purchasing anything. Manufacturer of battery is Panasonic, a leading manufacturer of batteries.

The brakes of the flyer pedelec

Rollerbrakes from Ebike FlyerAt the highest level of support you get fast 23 to 24 km / h on the speedometer , here it is important that the brakes fit for such a bike to speeds. Who has bad brakes, which is taking a big risk in traffic. In this electric bicycle you can place calms in the brake. Bydisc brakesRollerbrakes react the bike without much delay and stops just as you would dosed via the brake lever. Even when it rains or damp air, is bydisc brakesthe type drum brake a high level of security available. Water and moisture this does not interfere with the engagement of the brake pads. However, of the braking force, the roller brakes will not come close to disc brakes. Due to the to-reach speeds you should wear a helmet always remember.Look also our contribution to the bicycle helmet test on.

Shimano 8 gear lever

The bike has even an 8-speed Shimano gear shift, a hub dynamo and a low step frame. This bike is therefore also ideal for older people who want to enjoy the mobility and are no longer quite so articulately. The porter box is not series and was additionally mounted. Here for example, the charger can be taken or a small shopping. By fork small bumps and manhole covers were easily mastered. The fork has the road damage usually very well balanced.

Our conclusion from the test drive

Bottom bracket from flyers Ebike with pedal assistanceThe deep-seated motor and the battery in the seat post, the bicycle has a reasonable focus is especially important in curves. The wheel itself made a very distinct impression handles very stable and can be mastered very well. During the tests it had at no time the feeling of being unsafe.Stiftung Warentest has the Flyer unfortunately missed any good score. A disadvantage of the bike, the high weight.Each electric bike weighs more than a normal bike, if you want to boot from a bicycle storage this example, weaker people come quickly reach their limits.


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