Rear mounted bike racks / Thule 922000 EuroWay: Rear carrier test winner 2016

Thule 922000 EuroWay: Rear carrier test winner 2016

Thule 922000 rear carrier EuroWay G2 922

The Thule bike carrier our test winnerTo comfortably explore with his favorite bike once in another region the landscape, you should buy a device for transporting by car.The best one in it but is safe as a car occupant and the descendant a car comes riders are safe. Meanwhile, there are an infinite number of offers from various manufacturers with a variety of allegations, why precisely their product your bike best to target and can bring back. We have for youThule 922000 rear carrier put to the test.

As far as we want to ever betray: The Thule 922000 bike rack is our winner!

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Functional Overview

  • Payload up to 51 kg
  • Product Weight 18 kg
  • detachable frame holder
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  • quick and easy installation
  • integrated bicycle safety
  • secure grip on uneven terrain
  • large spacing between the wheels
  • practical hinge-down function


  • no

The data for Thule 922000 rear carrier

The manufacturer assures a comfortable, exclusive and very light bike rack for your car. The ergonomic single – closure of the manufacturer assures fast installation without much force the need to use it.

In addition, the holder should have very little weight, and that is to save energy and nerve and in addition, the car is also relieved. The acts then on the transport of, the less weight the carrier has, the more the wheels may weigh, without exceeding the maximum weight of the cars.

The new wheels mount the mount to go faster and more effectively by Equip.

thule rear carrierAlso, the support was so constructed that it has agreater distance between the wheels can guarantee to each other. What is of course well thought of, because thus the risk is reduced that damage the wheels each. In addition, you can of course still some parts to really be sure of the wheels a little abpolstern that the rovers really nothing happens.

With the integrated foot pedal , the manufacturer promises an easy way to support folds away to the loaded and unloaded so the trunk to facilitate multiples.

More, the carrier together with its cargo to be completed in order to reduce the risk of theft. Of course, this device can not guarantee 100 percent protection against crime against your bike.

The manufacturer promises the simple folding of the bicycle rack , so that it can be reduced to a minimum size of its original size, making it easy and convenient to store or transport.

In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that its wearer a per bike weighing up to 20 kg can be transported.

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The Thule 922000 rear carrier in the practical test

The support was designed and introduced in a simple black – kept silver. The carrier itself is very compact and stable. Thus it looks natural even heavier than it really is.

The Thule 922000 is really easy to be mounted on the car . Especially the really very convenient one-hand – closure is a insane asset to the bike rack. You just have to clean the clutch a little – so no more fat on it – and then only put the carrier on the one-hand – secure closure and finished.

The individual parts from which the bike carrier is a professional with a perfect finish and can thus close to a hopefully long life time of the carrier.

The bicycle carrier of the brand Thule offers a super easy way to load the trunk and discharged by thebreak-away – function of the trailer, which you can control playing with his foot. This one does not always wait for all bicycles scale down before one can arrive at the trunk again.

An important point in bicycle carriers is the behavior on the road. Especially on the highway, it can happen that the well-deserved vacation Action begins with a nail-biting and nervous travelers when the wheel or even the entire vehicle starts to wobble dangerously. Therefore, one should make a long journey with the new bicycle racks necessarily a test drive. In this case, there is no reason anything to worry about. The carrier and the wheels keep bombproof at the place to which they were mounted. Certainly it may be that the wheels even recorded a short jolt when one drives a strong bump in the road, but this jerk should not be interpreted as disturbing.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should always perform a test drive with the new bicycle racks.

Although the manufacturer guarantees that the product is very easy, but we find this statement as a little excessive. The carrier is certain is not the heaviest in its class, but we see that he with his proud 15 kg is hard enough and its compactness. Positive for the carrier is its high potential load capacity that is really beneficial in some cases.

Even through the sliding rails on the support scores of Thule 922000 tail boom again. This convenient feature makes it possible, bicycles of various types and sizes to transport to the carrier. Finally, we no longer have to ever bother with the matching bike design on the carrier until they finally found and quickly and relaxed can start the holiday.

The support lies at the end of our tests actually folded back to its minimum with us. Amazing how far you can put together such a compact bicycle carrier even more, until it reaches its minimum size. With this size , it fits without any fuss even in very small cars and can thus be easily transported.

A disadvantage of the bicycle Inert is the additional installation of a tail lamp . Namely, if the wheels should cover the tail lamp of the car you definitely get a spare for the wearer. The drawback associated with this is the fact that this addition has too high a price and then also not as easy as perhaps hoped to be mounted on the rear carrier. For the money you could also a no – name – buy extra.

Our conclusion

The Thule 922000 rear carrier EuroWay G2 922 is definitely worth the money! Not only that, he scores through the safe transport of wheels, he also scoresthula Eurowayyet in the categories design, comfort and efficiency . Due to the additional talents of the bicycle carrier, such as the adjustable rails, it is the perfect choice for every conceivable type of bicycle.Also, the probability of theft is through the lockable – reducing device or the likelihood of mutual damage by the wheels through the larger wheelbase by a multiple.

All these little things together, make the Thule 922000 tail boom to our winner !

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly


Summary: This bike rack is very safe, stable, chic and comfortable! What more do you want?


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