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Child Bike Trailers / Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bicycle trailer in the test

Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bicycle trailer in the test

Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bike trailer tested

Type Children’s trailer
brand Thule
Testnote GOOD (1.6)

Test report Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bicycle trailer

Overview of the Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bicycle trailer

Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-sidewaysThe well-known manufacturer of bicycle carriers and roof boxes, Thule offers bicycle trailers at a high technical level. At Thule Chariot Corsair 2, which came in the summer of 2014 on the market and 2015 is revised to buy, it is a two-seat child bicycle trailers which can be converted in a customary manner to Thule vielfaltigen activity companions. The innovative system VersaWing the bike trailer can be quickly and easily into a flexible Buggy , stable joggers or reliable ski convert. This bike trailer is priced in the upper center, but thanks to numerous costly extras also reaches the upper price segment. Currently Thule has several two-seater bicycle trailer with comparable features and quality, such as theThule Chariot Cougar 2 on the market.

Scope of delivery and first impression of the Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bicycle trailer

Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-scope of deliveryThe Thule Chariot Corsair 2 bicycle trailer is equipped with a collapsed passenger compartment as well as two 20-inch light-weight wheels and a padded push-handle, which can be adjusted by simple turns.Furthermore, the package includes numerous reflectors for bow and stern, as well as four cat eyes for both spoke wheels. A second flag completes the safety requirement. In addition, the delivery includes a trailer hitch with a trailer hitch and a quick release tensioner as well as a detailed installation manual in German, French and English. All transport damage is not covered because all parts are safely packed in foam and foil. The anodized aluminum made a scratch-resistant and at the same time noble impression. All aluminum and plastic parts look robust and trustworthy. The manageable scope promises quick commissioning. The cabin is completely assembled and requires no further screws. Used materials are perfectly matched to each other and make a first-class impression. The children’s bike trailer is immaculate and convinced us right away.

Commissioning of the Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bicycle trailer

Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-parking brakeAs intuitive frame-folding device of Thule Chariot Corsair 2 is designedcommissioning as easy . For this purpose, the locking belt must be released on the backrest and the frame must be pulled apart with both hands until the side-mounted locking discs engage audibly. The aluminum parking brake can then be attached to the underbody of the trailer. This requires a 13mm wrench, which is not included in the delivery. For mounting the brake, we advise you to consult the installation manual in order to avoid misunderstandings. In the next step, both aluminum wheels are attached. To do this, press and release the unlock button on the wheel. Thereafter, the wheel axle can be inserted into the axle receiver.


Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-suspensionThe attachment of the wheels in the bicycle trailer test was particularly pleasant and easy. Only the tire pressure has to be considered. The dovetail air is delivered pre-pumped, but requires a tire pressure of 2.1 bar before the start of the journey. To the bike trailer as buggy orstroller to use the push bar on the upper frame must be installed. For easy installation, spring pins are included. These allow a firm connection of frame and handle. For better perception in the road traffic the attached pennant has to be attached and the also included reflectors are screwed on. Unfortunately, a screwdriver is not included. Final the tiller is on children’s bike trailer attached, which goes through the VersaWing system quickly and comfortably. The mounting of the drawbar does not require a long-term study of the instruction manual, as this is intuitive and self-explanatory. For the installation and commissioning of the Chariot Corsair 2 we needed almost 15 minutes. This above-average value is due to numerous small parts and the parking brake to be installed. Since these parts remain permanently after assembly on the trailer, this effort is only one-off.


Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bicycle trailer in the Praxistest

on the groundIn our practical test , the Thule Chariot Corsair 2 proved to be a more diverse bicycle trailer. We recognized clear strengths and a few weaknesses. Although the color combinations perfectly matched, the design of the acts Thule Chariot Corsair 2 rather decent and commonplace. In Puncto technology and safety, the Thule Chariot Corsair 2 is still up to date and does not leave any demands unfulfilled by the owner. Extremely practical we found the assembly of the bike trailer on the bicycle. For this purpose, the trailer coupling, which has the shape of a ball socket, is mounted on the rear wheel of the towing vehicle by means of a quick-release fastener. Then the rubber element of the drawbar must be pushed in and secured by means of safety bolts. The construction is stable and trustworthy. The clutch is designed in such a way that the child bicycle trailer remains in the vertical even when the bicycle falls over and does not tilt to the side.


Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-als-fahrrahanhaengerThe Thule Chariot Corsair 2 bicycle trailer is designed for one to two children. A maximum load of 45 kg must not be exceeded. When transporting only one child, the comfortable seat belts can be re-positioned and placed in the center of the passenger compartment. This ensures the best possible balance when driving. Both occupants have plenty of space inside and are equipped with padded straps, padded seats and backrest to provide the best possible comfort. Additional side air inlets can be opened from the inside and ensure perfect air circulation. This provides the passengers with fresh air and avoids heat buildup with the rain hood closed. The multilevel top is individually adjustable and can be perfectly organized thanks to the integrated zippers, velcro closures and elastic bands.


Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-test tripThe Thule Chariot Corsair 2 bike trailer scores with its low weight of only 13.2 kilograms . No additional effort is required to start, accelerate and drive on straight ground, such as paved roads. The light-weight wheels with swallow tires also help to save energy. After a brief period of familiarization, we were able to flow into the traffic without great consideration. The Thule Chariot Corsair 2 bike trailer behaved himself while turning agile and compact . In practice tests the Corsair 2 was able to drive the narrowest turning circles, without the rear wheel hanging on the drawbar.



Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-on-cobblestone pavementParticularly commendable we found during the test drive , the adjustable suspension. This absorbs smaller and larger shocks of any kind and provides the occupants for added comfort . These positive characteristics come to the passengers especially when driving over bumpy pads as paving stone or tours through the old town, in favor.The only thing you should be aware of is that the parking brake is properly fixed. If the screw is too weak, the brake does not remain in the permanently set position and will eventually drag on the tire. This could lead to a disturbing grinding noise and unnecessary abrasion of the tire profiles.



Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-on-boardSurprisingly, we found the result of the Bordsteintest. Although the wheels of Thule Chariot Corsair 2 feature a Renprofil, the bike trailer took easily every curb. No matter from what angle this was approached.Neither stumbled the wheels still dragging them to the curb Knew . This feature ensures additional safety in traffic. Other safety features are reflective fabrics in striking colors, various reflectors and a reflection strip placed around the body. Thanks to these characteristics, the bicycle trailer is clearly perceived by road users even at dawn and in the dark.Unfortunately, we missed an active taillight in the test, which could provide a little more security.


Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-on-gravelOn paved bike paths and gravel roads, the Thule behaves Chariot Corsair 2 disciplined and safely. No irregularities were observed during slalom drives and braking maneuvers. The variably adjustable spring suspension and wide wheelbase made for excellent stability when elk test. When riding over challenging slopes, small stones could be wheeled by the bike. These are reliably stopped by the fine-meshed and seamless mesh on the front of the trailer. Nothing gets inside the vehicle. In addition, the zipper closing rain cover protects the passengers from penetrating dust. Anyone planning longer trips the Corsair 2 will benefit from the enormous space of the bike trailer. This allows larger pieces of luggage to be stored in the rear part of the trailer.


Thule-Chariot-Corsaire-2-in-trunkThe spacious bike trailer from Thule has excellent folding characteristics.The Chariot Corsair 2 can be folded to a compact size with just a few hand movements. An additional belt attached to the rear permanently secures the trailer in the closed position. A straight shut-off edge allows for a firm stand. This is particularly beneficial when placed in narrow corridors, storage rooms and garages. So can bike trailer also in small apartments are much storage space. A problem-free ride in the trunk of a mid-class sedan is also possible. Although the Chariot Corsair 2 needs more space than comparable models, there is still enough room for extra luggage. For transport, the wheels and the push bar must be removed.



Thule Chariot Corsaire 2 bicycle trailer

In the activity scale, the Thule Chariot Corsair joins 2 bike trailer betweenChariot CX1 and the Thule Coaster a.Who should buy the Thule Chariot Corsaire?

Parents who are looking for a children’s trailer for their daily use, plan long cycling trips and place less emphasis on the additional functions, such as joggers, walkers or skis.

Test result in detail

Driving behavior Note: 1.4
Comfort: 2.0
Handling Rating: 2.0
Security Rating: 1.3
Processing Note: 1.3
Overall Rating:

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